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Litter brothers not getting on

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Mumtothelittlefella Mon 30-Oct-17 16:32:24

I’m looking for some advice from some experienced litter dog owners regarding our two nine year old male westies.

We’ve had them from pups and used to get on great, until they matured and then couldn’t be in the same room together. A quick trip to the vets to sort out their bits and it all settled down and they’ve been fine for years. We also have an eight year old collie cross (female, spayed) and get along great, walked lots, spend very little time on their own (I’m at home) and are brilliant with our young children.

The Westies do suffer with their skin, one in particular, which has meant lots of vets appointments of late.

I’m the last month they have had three fights which are really worrying us. We used to walk them on a joined lead but had to stop as we couldn’t break up the fights. There was no known trigger for the fights that we could tell (happened while out walking). Today I was taking them to the groomers and couldn’t even put them together in the boot as one (the dominant one) started growling at the other. Oddly though he seemed more scared than aggressive if that makes sense?

I’m concerned about where this will end so looking for some advice. We never ever leave the children alone with the dogs but I’m worried about them even being in the same room together while the boys are like this with each other in case they get caught in the cross fire.

I will speak to a local behaviouralist tomorrow but wanted to hear from others who might have some idea what could be causing this change.

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