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Doing the right thing!

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MarcoPoloCX Mon 30-Oct-17 09:05:02

Can't believe I witnessed how irresponsible this owner was.
Basically his dog (a staffy) is friendly most of the time but can be overly boisterous and he was reported once before to the police when his dog attacked an intact dog so he's careful whenever he sees new dogs.

Last week, a regular walker was walking her little dog in the park. We all know it's a female. It was on the lead.
The woman called if he could put his dog on lead as hers just had surgery.
He goes oh he's friendly.
His dog came over and sniffed which her dog didn't like and it snapped. Maybe she was still in pain and didn't want any dog near.
This led to his dog going on to an attack and left her dog with a couple of puncture wounds.
He apologised but the woman was livid and wanted his details which he refused to give.
He goes I ain't going to get my dog in to trouble because of your dog.
I just can't believe what I saw.
I mean if that was you, wouldn't you be decent enough to admit it knowing how we harper on it's not the dog it's the irresponsible owners even if you were reported before.

BiteyShark Mon 30-Oct-17 09:08:47

Do you have his details? If so could you pass them on to the owner?

MarcoPoloCX Mon 30-Oct-17 09:16:48

I seen him around but I don't know his name nor the dog's.
He doesn't come to this park all the time.
He keeps pretty much to himself when he's there. The little dog owner is asking around the regular walkers.
I just couldn't believe what I saw.

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