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Second teething stage?

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bluetongue Sat 21-Oct-17 04:48:29

So my somewhat nutty whippet is nearly 8 months old and has suddenly started chewing things he hasn't touched before, even as a baby puppy. In the last couple of weeks he's had a go at skirting boards and a TV cabinet and I've caught him having a nibble in kitchen chairs sad

Some internet research has revealed that thete may be a second teething stage that can happen around this age. I'm trying to make sure he has things to chew on like pigs ears, antlers etc and am trying to deter hi from chewing but it's a bit disheartening to cone home and wonder what he had destroyed that day.

Elphame Sat 21-Oct-17 11:45:39

How long is he left? Could it be boredom?

BiteyShark Sun 22-Oct-17 08:20:10

blue around that age BiteyDog did go through a few regressions. Whilst we have had different issues than BlueDog I do remember at 8 months old he was an arse so it's not surprising that you are seeing his behaviour deteriorate again. wine cake and brew for you at this age grin

bluetongue Sun 22-Oct-17 08:51:22

Thanks for the various treats Bitey. I've already treated myself to cake today.

I met up with a friend on the beach this morning and she called Bluepuppy a 'little shit' ( he was.) He was too much for even another whippet shock

I've got a trainer coming soon to help me (booked before behaviour started). I'm also considering sending him to daycare for an extra day for a few weeks, This is partly because my work is a shitstorm at the moment and the last thing I need is being stressed about my dog and house while I'm at work. My parents help with him but it's not fair to ask more of them.

BiteyShark Sun 22-Oct-17 09:25:48

I couldn't do without daycare. Although I don't use it when I work at home because I know he has been so active the other days a run about for 30-40 mins in the morning and a few ball games in the garden the rest of the day is enough to keep him happy whilst I work.

Yes expect shitness to continue for a few months. BiteyDog just has odd moments of shitness now, one of those was yesterday when he jumped on our bed which he knows was out of bounds then proceeded to bounce about on it 'playing' so I could not grab him to get him off grin

MrsWooster Mon 23-Oct-17 18:27:41

Oh thank God! Wooster hound is just over 6 months and has all his adult teeth but is being an absolute dick. Two charger cables, a wooden mirror frame, sundry coffee tables and any limb left lying about. Anything that makes me think he may be normal is a blessing!

bluetongue Mon 23-Oct-17 21:18:14

Sounds like Wooster hound and Bluepuppy would have a blast together grin

MrsWooster Mon 23-Oct-17 23:06:42

Excellent news. I have popped him in the post and he will be with you a week tomorrow...

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