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Separation anxiety

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BubblesPip Mon 16-Oct-17 20:56:47

I am being driven to despair by my little terrier. She is nearly 5 and had always been with another dog until a year ago. Now it is virtually impossible to leave her without my dc toys being chewed, the house being chewed, the carpet being get the picture.

I have tried everything:
- Crate training: worked well for a while, came home to a calm dog, then all of a sudden she was an absolute state. She'd chewed bars apart and was seemingly on the verge of a heart attack.
-Leaving toys: Kongs/treats completely ignored until I get home.
-Shut in kitchen with super cosy bed: Again, an absolute state.
-Leaving her for slowly increasing lengths of time - works fine, until I actually have to leave her for a couple of hours, then all hell breaks lose.

What else can I do? She's such a clingy, needy dog so much so that I've considered rejoining an older dog for company for her. She was absolutely no problem at all when we had our old dog too.

NewBrian Mon 16-Oct-17 21:33:51

I’m having very similar problems with my little dog and finding it a bit of a nightmare! The most she’s left is 3hours 3 times a week but she chews things or just waits by the door jumping up at it. Doggy daycare wouldn’t suit her but might suit yours?

BiteyShark Mon 16-Oct-17 21:48:26

What about doggy daycare with a dog walker. Usually they only have a small number of dogs at a time which suits my dog as he gets both dog and human company.

BubblesPip Tue 17-Oct-17 08:57:22

I never leave her for long at all, so booking daycare or a dog walker would be impossible. I work nights and my mum has her whilst I work, so it's literally only if I take my dc out somewhere or go shopping etc that she's left.

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