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Kelpie puppy refuses to come when called

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SusaninNZ Sun 15-Oct-17 23:43:18

Well actually she refuses to do anything. Won’t sit by the back dorr in the morning before going out - pulls on the lead - won’t come when called. I’m trying to use positive behaviour training - it worked with the kids - but no luck so far. I’ve got a big back yard and spend time with her in it. Have to use a head harness for walks (the puuulllling!!!) so she’s a reluctant exerciser and can’t let her off lead. She’s 11 months old!! Help

Wolfiefan Sun 15-Oct-17 23:49:31

Have you been working with a trainer?
How much exercise does she get?
Hire a safe space?
Read Total Recall?

BiteyShark Mon 16-Oct-17 09:30:44

Do you still let her out even though she won't sit by the door. I have just started to train mine now to sit before we leave the house and the door isn't opened until he does. When he refuses to sit (he's 1 and he does know the word) I gently push his bottom down so he sits and I don't budge if he doesn't stay sitting. Once they know you mean it and play time won't start they start to behave.

On the pulling I have been told that whilst you can use harnesses etc the only way to actually stop it is through training and some dogs will just pull more as they get stronger with harnesses. I correct my dog with a short tug if he pulls and if he really lunges or pulls I turn around sand we are starting to make progress with this (still lunges at people or dogs but we are working on that). Maybe factor a few mins each day into your walk where you just concentrate on correcting the pulling which will mean you don't get to walk far as you may just send up turning around lots grin. Perhaps this is one thing a 1-1 trainer would really help with as they can walk with you and show you some techniques that might work for your dog.

How long have you had her and have you ever let her off the lead? Unfortunately the older you leave recall the harder it can be. My dog was taught recall outside in forests around 4 months of age which in hindsight I would have done it earlier because when he hit teenage stage he refused to come back unless on his terms. We are now over that and he comes back again. Can you find a secure area or use a long lead to start reinforcing the command (use a whistle as its loud and clear and the dog can't hear any emotion in it like you panicking if you think they are going to far etc). Again think about getting a 1-1 trainer to work with you outside for recall. My dog needs to have a run about off lead everyday to fully stretch his legs otherwise he doesn't get the exercise he needs so your dog might be playing up as well if she never gets to run about properly outside. I really think a few 1-1 sessions with a trainer here would make such a difference with your training as it sounds like you are struggling with all the low level behavioural issues.

SusaninNZ Mon 16-Oct-17 21:00:01

Dear Wolfiefan
Have you been working with a trainer? - Just started
How much exercise does she get? - three walks - two short / one quite long She also has a big backyard to race in. Tugging and lead reactions are issue so use head halti at the moment and that works. Arranging pack time with neighbour’s bigger dogs - seems to tire her out a bit but she’s a Kelpie - can go 8 hours all speed and not food driven. .
Hire a safe space? - I have one a short car ride away
Read Total Recall? - ordered!
Thanks for your advice

SusaninNZ Mon 16-Oct-17 21:07:36

Dear bite shark - I do wait until she sits - but it can take 10 - 15 minutes. We’ll get there.
1-1 trainer starts tomorrow - I have hopes for me - she’s a great dog - Her person needs the work to become the leader.

I’m nervous about her being off lead - she was hit by a car a few months ago - no damage to her but I was traumatised. Off lead is an issue when there is no obvious recall. I live a two minute walk from a dog beach but it’s near a road that is busy so nervous that she will leap to herd vehicles - Hopefully will be braver (me not her)

Thanks for your advice - good to know I’m on the right tract and hopefully I’ll get there

Wolfiefan Mon 16-Oct-17 21:07:41

Sorry if my list was brief. I was trying to brainstorm ideas! Different but similar issues here. Flighty giant sighthound!
We use a dogmatic to stop pulling. Also seen good results with harnessss. There's an excellent FB group dog training support and advice. Lots of good stuff in files.
brain games are good to tire out (and also stop risk of over walking!)

BiteyShark Mon 16-Oct-17 22:35:36

Good luck with the trainer. I found they can easily see the dynamics between you and the dog which helps. Totally understandable why you are nervous off lead if she was hit by a car. I have had several moments where BiteyDog disappeared for so long I was almost at the point of phoning DH in tears to tell him that I had lost our dog but fortunately after several months we are on the other side and he now sticks to me like Velcro.

SusaninNZ Thu 19-Oct-17 06:01:27

Hello all
Trainer came - some useful though expensive hints pretty much what i’ve been doing and THEN….
he started talking about the alpha relationship and suggested a prong or pinch collar - I don’t think so. Leadership IS important - dominance is an outdated concept - even the wof guy has refuted his ideas about the pack.

I’ve been using a halti which really helps but she becomes extremely sumbmissive and zones out - not the lovely bonding walk anyone would want from a lovely dog.

Today I went to a fenced area and played ”find me” and fetch for about an hour on the long long line and the spent (MORE) $$$ and (THIS IS NOT AN AD) bought a rufflwear front range harness - pricey but man - no hurting or pressing on the nose - no pinching the neck or pain - just a lovely pul from the front chest plate so she turns towards me when she wants to go in a direction other than the one I want - or in front - and no zone-out so she actually sat and downed (albeit for treats - but at least she was listening) . So far so good!

Wolfiefan - I’d love to have more bran games for my lovely smart puppy. Here’s her baby shot

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