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How to get your choice of the litter

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tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 17:17:40

So thinking of buying a puppy in the next few months. Hopefully a kc registered one. I’ve gone on their website but would like to know how people get to choose a pup before everyone else gets the best. Presumably it would help to find a breeder with an expectant bitch? But all those listed say when pups have been born already. Would I do better to go on specific breed websites? Or what? I’m not in a hurry btw.

SwimmingInTheBlueLagoon Sat 14-Oct-17 17:30:25

I would actually say you don't want pick of the litter - you want a breeder who doesn't let people choose but matches each puppy to the best family once their personality has come through (around 6wewks old).

Don't select from KC Assured Breeders list based on who has current litters. Search just for breeders of the breed you want, start narrowing down by who is also part of a breed club, then Google the breeder. Find out about them.

I think the best way to find a good breeder is going via the breed club. Call them up talk to them - they'll usually know who is planning a litter or maybe had a litter much larger than expected, so has one available sooner.

Make sure you know what all the relevant breed health tests are and check that the breeder uses them.

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 17:36:27

Great thanks for the advice! Hadn’t thought of it like that at all smile

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 14-Oct-17 17:41:29

A decent breeder won't sell puppies on a first come first served basis, they're going to want to make sure the right puppy goes to the right new owner. What constitutes the "best" puppy is going to vary from person to person and the breeder is going to have a much better idea of each puppy's individual character than prospective owners can get from a few brief visits.

It's always better to look for a breeder who is planning a litter rather than look for a litter already on the ground as waiting lists generally open before the puppies are even born. The relevant breed club is usually the best place to start, they can generally point you in the direction of breeders who are planning litters. Champdogs can be a good starting point to look for breeders. They also have a good little guide to buying a puppy and an accompanying list of questions to ask a breeder which are both well worth reading. The list of KC Assured Breeders can also be a useful starting point but the scheme itself is far from perfect and plenty of very good breeders haven't joined as a result.

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 14-Oct-17 17:41:59

Hah, Swimming beat me to it there grin

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 17:45:07

What sort of pup do you want?
If a pedigree then you need to contact the breed club and get out and meet breeders. There may well be a waiting list. They may want to homecheck.
Find out what health checks the parents should have prior to breeding and what conditions this breed is prone to.
And KC reg means sod all. It doesn't mean they're not a puppy farmer and doesn't guarantee welfare. Do your research about how to avoid puppy farms.
My pup was the last of the litter. She's my baby heart hound. Nothing wrong with not having first pick! wink

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 17:52:11

Great this is all very useful info. As I say, I’m not in a hurry. The right breeder is what I’m after so far...

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 17:52:51

PS obviously I have an idea of breed type as well.

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 18:11:54

Perhaps if you mention the breed people can point you to the breed clubs and health tests etc.
it took me 2 1/2 years to find our girl. She was worth the wait!

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 18:20:35

At the moment I’m thinking miniature schnauzer. It fits with my criteria. But I’m not closing down other suggestions.

onemorecakeplease Sat 14-Oct-17 18:21:14

Does it have to be a pedigree?

We rescued our pup from romania along with his four brothers and sisters all of whom have made incredible family pets.

Would you consider that? If so I can send you details and pics of our gorgeous boy.

If not, well a friend of ours is getting a black lab pup, she contacted the breeder who said he would let her know when the dog was having pups and so she paid a deposit then and there and when they are born so she can go and choose one.

Might be different here as we live quite remotely so not as much demand?

BeachysFlipFlops Sat 14-Oct-17 18:21:47

We let our dogs breeder advise us which puppy would suit us best. She's a working cocker, so the people who were going to work the dogs got first dibs, then we chatted through the remaining puppies and took it from there. No regrets and she has been an amazing dog for 10 years....

onemorecakeplease Sat 14-Oct-17 18:22:19

Oh you want a teeny dog. Maybe not then if you want a specific small breed.

Altho I bet the pics of my dog might sway you a teeny bit..... 😂

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 18:24:47

My criteria are size, not shedding, able to enjoy good walks, not likely to have separation anxiety. I’m not planning to leave it more than for the odd hour now and again. But poodles for eg can be highly strung. I work from home on a freelance basis. Dh is also freelance and often works from home. Adult dc.

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 18:26:37

Love labs but they are sheddy. Sil has one.

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 18:32:45

If you're not in a rush and not set on a breed how about a trip to discover dogs? Meet different breeds.
Definitely need to meet some schnauzers if you're interested. Find out about what's good and bad about them.

TwitterQueen1 Sat 14-Oct-17 18:41:34

There's no such dog as the 'pick of the litter'. There were 3 dogs left when I went to choose mine. I picked up all three and put them on me. The one I chose was the one who snuggled into me. Simple as that.

They were all identical and from a KC registered breeder. Show cocker. Best dogs ever. Loved her to bits.

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 18:53:44

When I said pick of the litter it’s because when I googled how to chose a puppy from a little it said avoid the one that comes up first and similarly the one that is most nervous. But I wanted first hand recommendations which is exactly what I’ve been given! smile

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 18:54:13

Litter not little obviously

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 18:58:43

Wolfie I’ve met a few schnauzers but have heard (like most dogs?) that they really vary in temperament. So meeting the more the merrier would be good.

Whitney168 Sat 14-Oct-17 18:59:25

Good luck, OP, they are a delightful breed. My sister has one, and he is the most tolerant amiable dog going - although make no mistake, they are clever and need firm training, or they will train you, as my sister's has trained her. grin

How do you get your choice of the litter? - ermmm, you breed it LOL.

Speaking personally, any breeder who would give me the choice of the litter unless I knew them very well would be a breeder I wouldn't want to buy from (bar the possible circumstance of you wanting the opposite sex puppy to what they intend to keep). A breeder who is prepared to give just anyone first choice is breeding for money, pure and simple.

Also note that the Miniature Schnauzer - a delightful breed when properly bred and reared - is a prime puppy farm target because of its popularity. Please do your homework and make sure you do not support this evil industry.

Hopefully a kc registered one.

Just for clarity, there are no good reasons why a pedigree puppy should not be KC registered - but there are many bad reasons. Some of them are as below:

- Bitch too young or old to have puppies within reasonable welfare standards
- Bitch has had too many litters for reasonable welfare standards
- One or both of the parents not KC registered - maybe because there were health issues and their pedigrees were endorsed to prevent breeding
- One or both of the parents were stolen

Anyone who states that they aren't KC registering because they want their puppies to have loving pet homes is just talking cobblers. No-one would knowingly reduce the value of their puppies if they had an option.

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 19:04:01

They do seem to be a breed where temperament really varies (I am sure many breeds do but it seems very marked with them!)
Stubborn! Not a quiet little lap dog! Full of character. Whatever that character might be! grin

tobee Sat 14-Oct-17 19:05:15

Thanks for your careful reply Whitney. My only real reservation about the breed is it’s seeming boom in popularity and puppy farms etc.

I’m happy to do training and socialisation and see it as a life long activity!

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 14-Oct-17 19:19:05

I agree there's no "best" puppy as such, just the most suitable puppy for you.

Discover Dogs (either the stand alone event in London later this month or the area at Crufts in Birmingham next March) is brilliant if you can get there. Going along to some shows is well worth it too. Nothing beats actually meeting as many examples of a breed as possible, plus chatting with breeders and breed enthusiasts.

Wolfiefan Sat 14-Oct-17 19:22:13

You lie! There is such a thing as the best puppy and she's mine! grin
The thing is different temperaments thrive in different homes. Mine is a cuddle hound. She couldn't cope with being left for long. I think the advice is to avoid any pup that's cringing and nervous. Take on the most boisterous with caution! I can't say as we didn't "pick" mine.

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