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I think it's time

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Herestoinsanity Fri 13-Oct-17 10:03:00

My old girl has been with me 5 years, she is a rescue from Greece and In was told she was around 3 yrs old but my vet thinks she could be between 9 and 12 years old.
She has always been bomb proof and I've brought up 4 DC with her including a new born.

Over the last week she has started growling and air snapping if anyone gets too close to her or goes to stroke her until she realises who it is, she has also lost all wee related toilet training and is going where is is laid.

Took her to the vets and she has a really stiff back hip and wobbly knee cap, vet thinks she is in pain which is why she isn't going out to wee, doesn't believe uti because it's full size not dribbles.
She also thinks she may be going a bit senile and with that and the pain is why she is grumpy.

She has given me a weeks worth of anti inflammatories/ pain killers to see if it helps and if so we can do further tests to see if her kidneys and liver can cope with them longer term.
If they don't work then we have the choice to pts or do further tests if we feel it could be something else.

It's been several days and there has been no change with the meds, Im going to see the weeks worth out but I feel like it's not going to work.
She looks miserable, I have a chronic pain illness so can sympathise with her and Im wondering whether it's worth putting her through the extra tests or if it's kinder to say goodnight.
I have days where I wish euthanasia in humans was legal so wonder if that's the right thing.
But on the other hand I feel horrible deciding when to end her life.

I don't know what to do, any advice?

birchandrowan Fri 13-Oct-17 14:27:29

I'm sorry for your dilemma. It's not quite such a hard decision if they're older or the illness is clearly terminal.
You're probably due to take her back to the vet on Monday anyway. I wouldn't leave it any longer than that and might try to take her today or tomorrow if there's no improvement yet.
She's in distress and I wouldn't feel bad at turning down more tests and putting her to sleep if her pain can't be relieved quickly. It's more unbearable to have them go on suffering and as you say, it's what we might wish for ourselves.

LimeJellyHead Wed 18-Oct-17 19:36:52

Don't feel bad about having to decide about ending her life.... that is what we are there for as loving 'parents'. Like you, I am always very grateful that we do have that option for our beloved dogs and very sad/angry that humans have no such option and are left to suffer.

All you can do is what you feel is best, deep down in your guts. No one knows her like you do.

I had to have both my oldies PTS last year and I just tried to follow my guts. You will know when it is time. It sounds silly but have a little whisper to your girl one evening when all is quiet and your mind is feeling calm and clear and see what she tells you.... see what you feel as you speak to her. She will listen. It will help you decide.

Thinking of you x

olliegarchy99 Thu 19-Oct-17 13:39:16

It hurts to make the decision but you will know when the time is right - it is 11 weeks since I made this decision for my dog who was nearly 14. It is the kindest thing you can do for them but do have her PTS at home with you stroking her/ talking to her. It will break your heart but she will know you are there for her at the end.sad

LimeJellyHead Thu 19-Oct-17 16:53:47

I had one of my dogs put to sleep at home and the last 2 both at the vets, which I decided was best for them. I did actually write a blog recently about having a dog PTS as I learn an important lesson about the 2 main injection protocols and wanted to share it with dog lovers.

In case it helps anyone, here it is. I tired to include as much practical info as possible about the whole process cos many of us feel better knowing what to expect.

Having Your Dog Put To Sleep - What Actually Happens?

Catsrus Thu 19-Oct-17 17:10:12

It’s the final kind act we do for them. You’ve given her a happy few final years, she is no longer happy. Let her go with you by her side telling her it’s all ok.

MissTMornings Thu 19-Oct-17 17:20:08

I just went through this on Monday and as much as it was hard to make the decision, the relief I felt afterwards that she is now pain free was confirmation that I had done the right thing.

I'm heartbroken without her but I'm glad that I didn't drag it out further for her.

My thought are with you. It is the hardest thing flowers

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