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rescue puppy

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snowman1 Thu 12-Oct-17 23:26:44

Hi, I was wondering if you wise experienced people could help. We as a family (kids 5, 7) have been looking for a dog for a while. To provide context, we are in Canada, have a yard, pool (fenced off) near lots of outdoor space and indoors too. I am at home SAHM but would consider working in the next few years but evenings/PT school hours to work around the kids. I've been speaking with a rescue, they take dogs from shelters in Texas (basically rescuing them from the dog shelters in the hurricane) but also Southern states. This isn't uncommon for Canadian rescues to do so. They have just picked up a litter of probably lab puppies, they are in a foster home (they rely on volunteers) and was wondering if I was interested in one? They need to know fairly soon as a volunteer drives up over the course of a few days with some dogs. They will offer a spaying service when the time is right. I am just worried about things like heart worm Parvo, rabies (obviously) for which I will get a vaccine certificate to come into the country. They have suggested foster-to adopt which means we can take her for a week or 2 to see if she is a good fit, another fosterer will step in after that. They will be bit checked a hopefully vaguely socialized, I am just wondering your thoughts on what to look for and any advice you might have..

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