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Advice please on finding a suitable rescue dog in the Manchester area.

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Monr0e Wed 11-Oct-17 13:26:44

We lost our beloved dog in October last year. She was 10 years old and became very I'll very quickly and had to be pts.

We have been talking recently about getting a new dog and would ideally like a rescue. But those we have seen in local rescue centres areoften larger dogs and not suitable to live with children.

We have an 11 and 7 year old so would prefer something smaller and that the 11 year old would be able to eventually walk on his own. Can anyone recommend where to even begin looking? We are not fussed about breed, just one that would fit into our family. Also any advice on the process would be very helpful as well, thank you

pandorawithtreaclecolouredhair Wed 11-Oct-17 16:25:50

Have a look at the Dogs Trust website, for advice and to see the dogs near you who are waiting for loving homes.
There is a branch in Manchester, also in Huyton on Merseyside.

SirRaymondLuxuryYacht Wed 11-Oct-17 16:26:19

What about Manchester dogs home?
Please don't get one from Leigh dogs home. It's a money making place which poses as a charity amongst other dubious practices,have a Google.
Maybe ask on local Facebook pages for rescue centres. Sorry I've been not much help.

Monr0e Wed 11-Oct-17 17:26:02

Thank you both. I never thought of the dogs trust, I'll have a look now.

I've looked at both Manchester and Cheshire dogs homes, they are generally the larger dogs and not suitable for children unfortunately.

I'll bear that in mind about Leigh dogs home. Will also have a look on Facebook too

BertieBotts Wed 11-Oct-17 17:27:38

Contact the dogs' homes themselves and ask if they perhaps have smaller dogs in foster homes, as sometimes they are easier to find foster places for.

You could also ask to be notified if/when they get any small dogs becoming available.

calamityjam Wed 11-Oct-17 17:29:27

Try Bleakholt animal sanctuary its in Edenfield which is on the greater Manchester and Lancashire about 20 mins from the centre of the city

calamityjam Wed 11-Oct-17 17:30:19

On the border of Manchester and Lancashire I meant to say

calamityjam Wed 11-Oct-17 17:30:23

On the border of Manchester and Lancashire I meant to say

TabbyMc Wed 11-Oct-17 23:08:24

Dogs4Rescue are a brilliant rescue based in Irlam. They have a good variety of dogs as they have rescues from overseas as well as the UK. They have been incredibly supportive to us and encourage trials to ensure your family and the dog are right for each other, and they offer lifetime backup and advice. They are also kennel free - the dogs live with the ladies who run the rescue. They have a very active Facebook page, please look them up.

Monr0e Thu 12-Oct-17 11:44:16

Thank you
Will definately check out both Bleakholt and dogs4rescue

I'll also call as suggested in case there are any not on the web pages.

Can anyone tell me what the adoption process is like? Is it pretty straight forward? And how much generally does it cost? Thank you

agedknees Sun 15-Oct-17 20:41:18

We adopted a small rescue from Dogs Trust, Huyton over 2 years ago. Best thing we ever did. He’s currently cosseted in the bed with me (on a caravan holiday in the lake District.

They did a home check more to make sure the garden is secure.

We paid an adoption fee of £150.

ATM we pay £7 per month pet insurance and £200 approx per year vet fees for injections, flea and worm treatment.

Hope this helps.

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