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Anyone got an Australian Shepherd?

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MaitlandGirl Tue 10-Oct-17 08:59:27

These have been a considered breed for a while now but I don't know anyone whose got one.

Main questions are really to do with the reality of living with one. We've already got 3 papillons so we're used to dogs and as one is fairly 'spirited' we're happy to put the time into training. There's always someone at home every day and heavy coats aren't an issue as the papillons are hairy little beasts!!

We live in a rural area so exercise isn't an issue and we take the dogs to the beach every weekend for a swim and run about on the sand.

Fences are about 5ft high (stock fences reinforced with sheep and chicken wire) but can be raised if needs be.

We've also got 2 rabbits that live in a converted trampoline (encased in chicken wire) and we're getting chicken at the beginning of next year (will be in a sectioned off area of the garden).

We've got about an acre of land and our dogs are inside dogs (they sleep on the beds).

Does it sound like an Aussie Shepherd would suit our family?

Hairthereeveryhair Wed 11-Oct-17 20:48:59

Yes, I have two Australian Shepherd and also a Papillon! You sound pretty ideal for an Aussie, I presume it wouldn't be left alone for long periods of time? They can be great family dogs, usually like lots going on but also really need to be socialised as they are usually reserved with strangers. You need a sense of humour as they are the biggest clowns. Don't necessarily have thick coats, depends on the breeding. Strongly recommend you read up on health tests (if you haven't already done so), minimum for me would be good hip/elbow scored, eye tested, MDR1 (multi-drug resistance). Sadly, epilepsy known in certain pedigrees but also can occur in dogs with no known history of it. Cancer also a known problem. If possible, go to Discover Dogs at the ExCel centre, London (21st/22nd October), and have a chat with Aussie owners on the breed stand. I believe two of the most knowledgeable Aussie breeders will be there on Saturday, they can give you the most up to date information and guide you in the direction of breeders to approach. Any questions, feel free to ask or PM me.

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