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Should dog walker pay vet bill/claim on insurance?

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jinglebells123 Thu 05-Oct-17 22:00:54

Dog came back from her regular group walk today with dog walker and had a pretty big cut on her side.

Dog walker text me to say she'd noticed the cut when she was dropping my dog back home - didn't know when or how it happened which is slightly worrying.

When I got home and looked at it I decided it needed looking at by a vet - vet agreed it needed treatment and sedated and stitched it plus put her on painkillers and antibotics.

My bill is around £200 - it could increase depending on how well it heals.

Is this something that the dog walker should be covering out of her insurance? She's not mentioned it or offered to contribute at all and i know these things happen but I do feel I shouldn't be left to foot all the bill!

FiveShelties Thu 05-Oct-17 22:02:30

Do you have a contract with her?

Santawontbelong Thu 05-Oct-17 22:04:12

I would expect her to have offered!! She was responsible for your dog!! Ask her for the cash or name and shame her. . She shouldn't be in business. .

eurochick Thu 05-Oct-17 22:13:15

Her insurance should cover this.

jinglebells123 Thu 05-Oct-17 22:24:02

Thanks all - I know she has insurance as she's talked about the premiums increasing causing her to increase her costs.

We don't have a contract and that's an error on my part as I've had it with other dog walkers in the past.

I'll contact her tomorrow to advise on the costs and ask if her insurance would cover it.

I'm also making alternative dog walking arrangements as regardless of the insurance, I'm not happy that she didn't notice it happening.

FiveShelties Thu 05-Oct-17 22:26:58

I would not ask if her insurance will cover it, I would just advise her of the amount and ask for reimbursement.

I hope your dog is ok.

jinglebells123 Thu 05-Oct-17 22:36:03

Thanks FiveShelties - I wasn't sure if I was being unreasonable as accidents do happen - especially it seems to my dog. She managed to break her tail in the house once just getting so excited and whacking it off a plasterboard wall.

I didn't know at what point the dog walker became accountable i.e. if she lost my dog then yes of course but since I agreed the dog could be off lead and walked with other dogs I didn't know if there is a level of risk I need to accept.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 06-Oct-17 07:31:34

I am amazed your dog walker didn't the dog to the vet. We regularly have dogs brought in by their walkers.

FluffyWhiteTowels Fri 06-Oct-17 07:49:26

I'd be alarmed she didn't know how it happened or thought to mention or get treatment for your dog. Was it actually her that walked your dog or someone else maybe?

gigi556 Fri 06-Oct-17 08:17:49

I would ask if her insurance will cover it, but tbh I think if it doesn't you are stuck with the bill and would be unreasonable to expect her to pay for it. Accidents happen especially if perhaps there is rough housing/playing with other dogs? It's unlucky that whatever happened, happened under her watch. I'd be annoyed she didn't notice it was bad enough for vet visit and required stitching up though so you aren't unreasonable for looking for someone else.

BiteyShark Fri 06-Oct-17 09:00:07

I have signed to say I am liable for vet bills with mine. To be honest I would only expect the dog walkers insurance to pay if the were negligent rather than any general accidents or injuries that the dog may occur when running about.

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Fri 06-Oct-17 09:26:40

To me what would make the difference here is dog walker has no idea how it happened. If she could say 'oh she ran full pelt through a thorny bush' then it would be your responsibility. As the dog walker didn't see it happen - did she let the dogs play to roughly or fight? Did it happen on something whilst in her vehicle? Etc. Those would make it her fault. I think she was negligent not to knowing what happened and im also concerned that she didn't either phone you, or take dog to vets, straight away.

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Fri 06-Oct-17 09:29:54

Please ignore all the typos like the 'to' instead of 'too' and 'to knowing' instead of just 'knowing' blush

Floralnomad Fri 06-Oct-17 10:16:05

Unless you have a contract I don't see that she will pay as she will likely just produce a contract that says you are liable . At £200 it probably wouldn't be worth her going through insurance because of the premiums . Hope dog feels better soon .

Patchouli666 Fri 06-Oct-17 10:57:11

If your dog is insured by you it will usually come out of your insurance. It's just how insurance companies do it. The best would be to ask for details of her insurer and call your insurer. They will be best placed to advise. Not all insurances are created equal sadly.
I was with petplan sanctuary and it specifically said they would pay out ( in more tech jargon obviously) IF the animal was not insured on a more appropriate policy elsewhere. That to me meant one of two things, one, they would pay of the animal wasn't insured and it was deemed to have happened in my care. Two, if the owner had insurance, that policy would be the one being claimed on.

I think what it meant overall was, they'd do all they could to avoid paying - for the layman, it's best to ask your insurer and also get the dog walker to ask hers ( or look in the first case at the policy terms and conditions - do youhave access to the dog walkers policy terms and conditions )

ADishBestEatenCold Sat 07-Oct-17 01:06:35

"I'll contact her tomorrow to advise on the costs and ask if her insurance would cover it."

Is your dog insured by you for veterinary care? If it is, and her insurance doesn't cover it (perhaps she only has public liability), then you could ask her to pay your excess.

SoPassRemarkable Sat 07-Oct-17 09:31:07

I would only expect my dog walker to claim for stuff on insurance if she did something daft. So if she lost my dog, dropped it's lead and it got run over maybe, if she walked my dog with another dog at the same time and that one bit my dog.....that sort of stuff.

I always figured they have insurance to cover themselves in case an owner sues them in such circumstances. Not for cuts, bumps, etc which don't happen often but have the potential to happen on any walk. I insure my own dog for such events and would expect to pay myself or use my own insurance.

WeAllHaveWings Sat 07-Oct-17 09:38:18

I would claim on my own insurance. Excess is only £85 so I'd pay that too. Accidents happen, you said it was ok to let your dog off lead and so accept the risk that goes with it.

I would find another walker though, leaving you dog at home with an injury that required vet treatment is not a acceptable. When you get one discuss your contract and what happif the dog is injured/lost when out.

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Sat 07-Oct-17 09:40:40

But sopass the walker did do wrong - she doesn't have a clue how it happened. So, as dog walker clearly wasn't paying attention (thus was negligent), it could have been one of the other dogs being too rough or injury sustained in dog walkers van. As dog walker was negligent over not correctly supervising, it is therefore her responsibility. Had dog walker have been able to say dog ran full pelt through a thorny bush and got a cut. it would be totally different and just a risk owner shoulders.

jinglebells123 Sat 07-Oct-17 21:51:25

Thanks all. I'll see about claiming on my insurance. I've found another dog walker who does solo on lead walks only which although it makes me sad she won't get to play with her friends but it feels like the safest option for her.

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