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nipping , biting , zoomies

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thefootofourstairs Tue 26-Sep-17 21:50:15

we've had our 2 year old dog a couple of months now and he is quite wary of lots of things , bigger dogs , people coming into the house etc , so we have been to see a very good trainer and will be going again in a couple of weeks .
One other issue we have is that he will suddenly get very over excited and start running around in circles , barking madly and nipping / biting at clothing . When he is like this he won't listen to any commands at all . Sometimes the triggers are , when hes got wet , after a walk , long grass , or when visitors attempt to play with him (bit embarassing)
I wonder if its because hes stressed as he is a bit nervous and only been in his new home a short time ?
I am going to ask the trainer about it when we go but in the mean time what should i be doing ? I'm a bit worried that he might actually end up biting skin rather than the clothing !

Oops4 Tue 26-Sep-17 21:53:59

What kind of dog? Sounds like a terrier tornado dash! My dog goes nuts after every walk and sometime just for no reason. Bombs about like a loon crashing into things and trying to catch anything he can passes. My old dog did it too. They're just hyper.

thefootofourstairs Tue 26-Sep-17 22:54:35

Hes a Maltese , although hes quite big for a Maltese so not sure if theres some other breed in there too !
I don't mind him dashing about its the biting and jumping he does as he runs rings around me . Every step forward he makes a grab for my legs ! I can't get him to stop once he starts and i'm constantly advising visitors not to get him in the slightest bit giddy .

Oops4 Tue 26-Sep-17 23:33:04

Oh dear! We have a stair gate across the kitchen door and it's the best thing we've done since getting our dog. We can seperate pup from kids, especially when they have friends visiting and it's like a zoo, and it means I can confine him without having to put him in his crate. Also been really good for when visitors come round. Dog has to stay behind gate until he is properly calm, which can sometimes be half an hour, and gate is only opened if he lies down. Once he's properly calm he can come out and see everyone. Really helps avoid the manic jumping stage.

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