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Best vacuum for black labrador hair?

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Passmyslippers Sun 24-Sep-17 10:20:40

Can anyone recommend a really powerful vacuum cleaner to suck up my black labs hair please?

I currently have a dyson but it still leaves a covering of hair on my carpet - it's pretty useless!

I bought a rubber brush which is great but it takes ages and is hard work!

AlpacaLypse Sun 24-Sep-17 10:21:59

Henry seems to manage yellow Labrador hair quite well!

Iusedtobeafreeelf Sun 24-Sep-17 10:22:53

I bought the VAX pet hair one and it was great for a few months but my Labrador has beaten it and it's not as effective anymore.

makingmiracles Sun 24-Sep-17 10:26:05

By far its got to be shark! I've got a long haired black cat and it's great, gets every bit up, people who've had dysons are saying it's far better(can't comment as I've never had a dyson!) look them up, read the reviews. You can even pay on a interest free 6 month payment plan, which is what I've done £29 up front then monthly payments of £29.99 till it's paid off. I luffs mine!

passthecremeeggs Sun 24-Sep-17 10:26:46

Miele Cat and Dog. Just replaced my old Dyson with it and it's brilliant

blueberrypie0112 Sun 24-Sep-17 10:31:09

Wood floor. Sorry, but I have a black lab/border collie mixed and he shed more than my cat ever did and he clogs up vacuums. I think as long the brush can be easily remove for cleaning, you are good to go.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sun 24-Sep-17 16:45:55

I've got a Meile and it seems to be doing an ok job so far.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 24-Sep-17 19:48:02

Wood floors are much easier to keep clean and I would love them, but not the best for dogs, they potentially cause injuries with slipping when the dog is young and vbouncy and also for older dogs when stiff or arthritic.

We have an old dyson and it's not brilliant, but with a black lab too we realise it's part and parcel of lab ownership.

acornsandnuts Sun 24-Sep-17 19:54:37

I love my shark. Does the job with a Goldie and chocolate lab. Hard floor and carpet. And there's an attachment to actually groom them although my golden girl is too scared of the vacuum so I haven't bothered buying it

BarchesterFlowers Sun 24-Sep-17 19:57:38

I have a Dyson ball upright and it is fab. I also have the Dyson dog brush so hoover the dog which she absolutely loves. If I didn't have to listen to the noise of the Dyson I would do it more often.

I am a bit lazy these days, too much work, too little time but my lab is the hairiest lab on earth - when I was more diligent it was under control.

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