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Dog weeing on the carpet

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IheartCaptainHolt Thu 17-Aug-17 16:07:13

<sigh> the bloody dog has weed on the carpet again. In the front room, on the new carpet. This is the third time it's happened. I've cleaned it with water and vinegar solution and bicarbed it the last two times it's happened. I keep the door shut when we are out so she can't get in but she's just dove it again as I was getting my toddler up from his nap.

She doesn't wee anywhere else in the house and never has.

Anyone got any tips?

Much appreciated!

EezerGoode Thu 17-Aug-17 16:27:50

I think ....She's putting her sent's a new carpet,it doesn't smell of she's marking it so it does..could you take her in on the lead a few times and watch so she dosnt needs to feel Iike it's part of her home ,the carpet I mean...I might be wrong thou,I'm no dog expert..I'm just guessing

EezerGoode Thu 17-Aug-17 16:28:13

Scent ,not sent

IheartCaptainHolt Thu 17-Aug-17 16:42:00

I'll give the lead a try.

The carpet has been down since April and she does spend quite a bit of time in there with us.

I am open to any suggestions at this point!

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Thu 17-Aug-17 20:08:15

Is it different parts of the carpet or the roughly the same area?

IheartCaptainHolt Thu 17-Aug-17 21:13:13

Same spot each time.

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Fri 18-Aug-17 00:19:40

In that case I'd borrow a carpet shampooer but use a solution of 50/50 water/vinegar (distilled/white malt vinegar), heavily on that area.

Don't use bicarb after (vinegar and bicarb neutralise each other). Smell of vinegar (to human nose) should disappear by the time the carpet is dry (preferable to air the room a bit, whilst drying but not essential).

IheartCaptainHolt Fri 18-Aug-17 02:35:16

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

CornflakeHomunculus Fri 18-Aug-17 03:18:48

It's worth trying a proper cleaning product, Simple Solution Urine Destroyer is brilliant stuff.

You can also try using a solution of biological washing liquid/powder though patch test somewhere inconspicuous first, especially if you use liquid.

IheartCaptainHolt Fri 18-Aug-17 09:50:14

Tried vinegar and water so will see how that works then try the urine destroyer if not.

Thanks for the suggestions

knockknockknock Fri 18-Aug-17 09:57:43

You definitely we'd the Simple solution - brilliant stuff and stops them using the area again.

knockknockknock Fri 18-Aug-17 09:58:29

Need not we'd

nigelsbigface Fri 18-Aug-17 10:05:04

I have the same issue but with a new puppy added in-but the older dog occasionally for no reason does a wee in the living room
As well.
Puppy is bound to have accidents but no idea what to do re the older dog.
He also used to wee on a fluffy bean bag dd had-I assume he felt it was another animal of some sort and therefore had to wee on it? confused. We had to chuck it out. No idea how to stop this, so following with interest.

I use a dr beckman carpet cleaner-its got a brush thing on the top-you can get it in asda-followed by some pet stains carpet cleaner I got in Tesco. Seems to work.

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Fri 18-Aug-17 10:46:31

Nigel My bros dog was fully house trained but when visiting me, after I got a puppy, if puppy weed in the house, she did too. Like she wanted to mark over puppies scent. She stopped as soon as puppy was past the weeing in the house phase. though. Hopefully your older dog will stop once puppy is fully house trained too.

nigelsbigface Fri 18-Aug-17 19:01:37

I didn't think of that! Let's hope so!

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