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Does anyone fancy a puppy survival thread part 3

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BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 10:28:46

Continuation of the support thread.... anyone is welcome whether they have new or older puppies, just want a chat or are battling with ongoing puppy problems.

I thought I would start this thread off as I am hoping it might be the last one I need support from as BiteyPup is now 9.5 months old and we have survived the early puppy months and his teenage antics seem to be subsiding. Still working on our relationship and recall but it's getting better and can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel (fingers crossed) wine

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 14-Jul-17 10:36:00

Hi smile

Captainladder Fri 14-Jul-17 10:49:06

Woof smile

At what age can they have cheese as a treat? Have just been using his dog food but I think he is getting a bit meh about it!

fessmess Fri 14-Jul-17 10:49:45

I have a 9 month old bitch who STILL hasn't had her first season and I want to plan a holiday (taking her with). She's being very demanding atm for attention so..perhaps this is it. Can hope.

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 10:50:03

Hi GooodMythicalMorning, regarding cheese giving your pup a bad tummy on the previous thread. I have to admit mine eats so much rubbish and drinks from any stagnant pond he can find that if we don't have at least one sloppy poo a day it's a miracle grin

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 10:52:01

Captainladder I used to feed mine it from about 10 weeks old grin. When I mentioned it to the vet nurse who ran the puppy socialisation parties she just said be careful how much you give as its fattening but BiteyPup has always been thin so I never have to worry about that.

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 10:53:41

fessmess mine is a dog so don't have to worry about that but a friend who has a bitch says hers is very very clingy around that time so it sounds like it might be imminent.

bluetongue Fri 14-Jul-17 10:56:11

Good news at the light at the end of the tunnel Bitey smile

Has been an interesting day for me and Bluepuppy. Last night he had to rush out to go to the toilet a number of times. Then this morning he refused breakfast. Bluepuppy loves his food so very unusual. He was meant to be going to day care today so that had to be cancelled. My mum came over to check on him so I could still go to work. It seems he had been going out during the night to have explosive diarrhea envy <not envy> on the pavers. Of course on the pavers not on the grass.

Anyway, he seems okay tonight so I guess he just had a tummy upset. Funny thing is now he's gone completely bonkers and is running around like a loon and madly squeaking his toys.

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 11:00:37

Hi blue maybe he is running about as he feels much better now it's all out wink.

bluetongue Fri 14-Jul-17 11:09:51

Yes, he seems much better smile Think he's also in need of a good run to stretch his legs.

fessmess Fri 14-Jul-17 11:36:25

Thanks shark let's hope so!

Yokohamajojo Fri 14-Jul-17 12:11:55

Blue mine was the same this morning, refused breakfast which is very unusual. Seemed fine otherwise though but ate some bamboo leaves and had a little puke. I can see a pattern, when he has a bit of an upset tummy he will eat some vegetation and then have a little puke.

Thanks for the new thread Bitey

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Fri 14-Jul-17 12:15:58

Gatecrashing this thread, I don't have a puppy, I have older dogs but like reading about all the puppy antics grin

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 12:18:30

YouveCatToBeKittenMe does it make you want to run out and get a puppy it does it make you think 'phew' thank god mine are older grin

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 14:19:49

Who stole my dog and replaced him with a better behaved one?

We went in the forest for a walk, the same forest I have been avoiding as he used to run away and not come back. Today he kept looking and waiting for me to catch up and he has NEVER played ball with me outside and I had a ball in my pocket and threw it and he played ball with me for a bit grin. Think I might have some wine later to celebrate our small victory today.

Yokohamajojo my parents dog also used to eat grass to make himself sick. BiteyDog just likes to eat it all the time hmm

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 14-Jul-17 14:23:08

Indy just gave me a shock he was choking on his lunch and I thought he wasn't going to cough it up for a bit but he did. Really scary. I'm going to buy him a bowl with bits in the middle so it slows his eating.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Fri 14-Jul-17 14:28:42

Irish Terrier pup has just come into her first season age 10 months. Poor little girl doesn't know what to do with herself and is just mopey and dopey. Dear of her.

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 14:48:06

GooodMythicalMorning mine decided one day to choke on a dried cows ear he was eating. I booked myself on a dog first aid course very soon after that as it scared me to think I didn't know what to do for the best in an accident or injury. It was well worth the money.

Thewolfsjustapuppy aww I think she is going to want a lot of cuddles grin

towelpintpeanuts Fri 14-Jul-17 15:38:02

just checking in so I don't loose you all.

Wow, bitey: recall from a herd of deer is SERIOUS recall: definitely a three cheese and sausage moment :-) Towelpup hasn't properly seen deer yet (he actually did but I don't think he realised ....) but I suspect he'd be in awe of such Big Things.

Hope blue is feeling better soon. When's whippet-play-date again?

Re: stomach upsets: do you all have pro-kolin in stock? Recommended by my bro who has two sicky-dogs, and it does seem to sort out anything we've had come out of either end pretty speedily envy <also not envy>

We've got my little nephew coming down to stay this weekend. First time towelpup will have spent extended time with a pre-schooler and I'm a little nervous that he (pup) going to find him (lovely nephew!) a bit full on. Fingers crossed we can keep them a bit separate without seeming rude as I know he (nephew!!) is very excited to meet pup!

towelpintpeanuts Fri 14-Jul-17 15:38:42

PS GMM is my ds's youtube fav, so your name makes me smile everytime I see it, GoodMythicalMorning!

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 15:42:37

Thanks for the recommendation for stomach upsets towelpintpeanuts. Looks like the stuff we got given at the vets when he was a young puppy so have just ordered a tube of it in. I have hydration fluid at home so this would compliment that.

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 14-Jul-17 16:13:55

towel we all love it here and so thought it a fitting name smile

Ooh will look out for that.

Bitey have been looking at YouTube vids of what to do when your dog chokes but a course would be good.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Fri 14-Jul-17 16:29:41

Poor little IT pup is having her first season at 10 months. She is all mopey and soppy.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Fri 14-Jul-17 17:22:50

erm, I'm having some technical problems I'm an idiot which is why I posted about Pup being in season twice grin

Don't worry I will get over it soon.

BiteyShark Fri 14-Jul-17 18:19:20

Thewolfsjustapuppy I thought you were just so traumatised you had to post twice grin. How long does a season typically last and are you now destined to walk her in the middle of the night to avoid boys? smile

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