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Back legs

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Cantores Sun 09-Jul-17 23:26:42

My beautiful 12 year old (or thereabouts - she's a rescue) Weimaraner fell down the stairs today - from the top. Something happened at the top to stop her getting to the landing and she just slid back down.

I've noticed for a while her back legs aren't what they used to be. She's walking fine, and just as eager to go for walks as the day she joined the family, but sometimes when she turns she may go down. She's managed the stairs perfectly fine until today.

She follows me everywhere around the house, doesn't let me out of her sight, so if I go upstairs she comes too.

Since the fall this morning, she's been walking very carefully (not limping), has held one of her back legs awkwardly a few times. After a lot of contemplation on her part (when she realised that I would be upstairs for longer than she was happy with) she's managed the stairs a couple of times. She's jumped up onto her cushion on the sofa and she's eating and drinking.

I'm hoping that it's just the fall and that she'll be ok in a couple of days, but also thinking that this could be something that she won't be able to recover from at her age. I thought I'd leave it to see what she's like tomorrow before taking her to the vet.

Just looking for a handhold and someone to tell me that she's fine and will bounce back by tomorrow morning

LumelaMme Mon 10-Jul-17 11:04:38

How is she today? And how is her general health anyway? If it's good, you have less to worry about.

Cantores Mon 10-Jul-17 13:53:51

Hi LumelaMme, she seems better today. Still a bit slow but she did manage to get up stairs last night and has done it a couple of times today.

I caught her up on her back legs earlier trying to reach some left over pizza at the back of the kitchen worktop. Never thought I'd say I was pleased to see her doing that!

Healthwise, she's doing well. She has a slight heart murmur which the vet has told us to keep an eye on for now. If it gets worse they'll put her on medication. There's no apparent muscle wastage in her back end. So hopefully, she's just a bit sore from the slide down the stairs. I know I would be!

LumelaMme Mon 10-Jul-17 14:38:01

Poor old girl. It''s sad watching them age, esp when they have been very active dogs.

MitchellMummy Wed 12-Jul-17 12:59:47

I have an older dog and have stairgates top & bottom, so take her up and night and down in the morning. Hope she's back to full fitness soon, she sounds lovely. Hope she enjoyed the pizza!

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