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Is it ok to give a dog human antihistamines?

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Maldives17 Thu 02-Nov-17 18:55:39

I always gave my amercan akita human antihystamines as advised by the vet as he said thats all the pet ones were anyways he suffered badly with grass rash

Lucisky Thu 02-Nov-17 07:21:58

KrystynaM, I think it's very unlikely to be allergies to trees, as it is usually tree pollen that is the allergen, and this is obviously the wrong time of year for that, antihistamines would therefore not work.
If your dog has had a cough that is not clearing I would suggest a vet, but you should warn them it might be kennel cough, as they might not want to dog actually in the surgery as it is so contagious.
Kennel cough is rarely serious but sounds very alarming.
Is your dog a small breed? I had a yorkie that 'reverse sneezed' a lot, especially when excited. It can be quite distressing, for both the owner, and the dog!

KrystynaM Thu 02-Nov-17 00:15:58

my dog normally get allergies in the spring time and reverse sneezes a lot but has had a bit of a cough as well? Has anyone tried antihistamines for this? It could be kennel cough but we do over look a field and have lots of trees around so I think it's more likely to be allergies from that?

LimeJellyHead Fri 18-Aug-17 19:42:24

When choosing an antihistamine for a dog, make sure it is literally just an anti-allergy antihistamine. A lot of the modern new fangled antihistamine tablets also contain a decongestant and that is not good to give dogs.

For example Zyrtec (cetirizine) is OK for Dogs but Zyrtec-D has the added decongestant and is not OK for dogs.

Gooseygoosey12345 Mon 10-Jul-17 20:20:04

Yep you can. There's also something you can buy called "stinky stuff" (or something like that) and it's supposed to be brilliant but haven't used it myself

Anasnake Mon 10-Jul-17 19:10:15

My dog has piriton for a summer grass/pollen allergy

Lunchtimeburrito Mon 10-Jul-17 19:08:51

Well the antihistamines do seem to be helping somewhat although he is still a bit itchy/scratchy! I've just read online that bathing your dog in Epsom salts can help?

anchor9 Fri 07-Jul-17 22:44:17

yes! my dog was stung by many 10s of bees last year sad that was from the vet.

JaimeLannister Fri 07-Jul-17 22:31:35

I have given a supermarket antihistamine tablet to my dog when she had an allergic reaction but rang my vet for advice/dosage.

DramaAlpaca Fri 07-Jul-17 22:30:03

My vet says that piriton is fine, and I give my very itchy springer one tablet when she needs it.

She was prescribed Apoquil, but it's so expensive. I didn't know about the bad side effects, must read up on them.

Miscella Fri 07-Jul-17 22:26:52

My vet told me to give an evening primrose oil capsule along with the piriton as it makes it more effective.

flickerty Fri 07-Jul-17 10:16:51

My DDog is allergic to house dust mites, I wonder if it'll work for her? ATM we are paying a fortune for Apoquel from the vets, which is known to have bad side effects - but so far the only damage its doing is to our pockets as DDog's itch and rash have disappeared

ShizeItsWeegie Fri 07-Jul-17 10:13:22

There are no veterinary antihistamines.
With my two, if they are itchy, I bath them. It makes a hell of a difference.

LumelaMme Fri 07-Jul-17 10:09:06

Hope it works for you, OP: did the trick for our terrier. Recommended by the vet, but as wibbly said, don't tell the pharmacist!

wibblywobblyfish Thu 06-Jul-17 22:38:27

Just don't tell the pharmacist that it's for the dog. They won't sell it to you!

Lunchtimeburrito Thu 06-Jul-17 21:43:19

Will keep you posted, he seems to stopped scratching ATM, fingers crossed!

TheCrowFromBelow Thu 06-Jul-17 20:34:19

Was coming on to say Piriton
Hope it works for Mr Scratchy
Our dog has hay fever

FretYeNotAllIsShiny Thu 06-Jul-17 20:32:43

bookmarking for later.

Bamaluz Thu 06-Jul-17 20:29:49

Yes, not just any antihistamine though, Chlorphenamine Maleate, which is in Piriton, is ok, and is used by vets.

Lunchtimeburrito Thu 06-Jul-17 20:21:24

Well, have just given him half a piriton tab, fingers crossed.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Thu 06-Jul-17 20:16:14

I give my dog Piriton, the vet recommended it. He gets itchy ears in around May/June and last year he scratched them really badly and it took ages to get them back to normal again. So the vet said that as soon as I see him shaking his head or scratching to give him a Piriton tablet as it will stop him from scratching and injuring himself. So that's what I did this year and it's worked really well.

Patriciathestripper1 Thu 06-Jul-17 20:15:52

We had a terrier that used to do that and we gave her half a tablet.
It used to sort her out.

snackarella Thu 06-Jul-17 20:14:55

Yes! We got given them for our dog by the vet - piriton - we have a 12-14kg staff and she has one a day x

Justhadmyhaircut Thu 06-Jul-17 20:12:56

I know 2 llasa apsos who regularly take them with vets knowledge.
I am not a vet though just reciting info given. .

Lunchtimeburrito Thu 06-Jul-17 20:11:39

Our dog won't stop scratching.
It's only a summer thing, it started a year or two ago. The vet says it's probably a flea allergy and then gets into this itch/scratch cycle. He hasn't got fleas, I think it's more of a summer skin allergy.
It cost us a fortune last year with creams, special shampoo etc but nothing really helped.
Dh has been talking to a work colleague, he gives his dog human hay fever tablets, says they work a treat.
Has anyone tried this?

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