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Does my dogs teeth look Normal ??

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Vanillamanilla1 Tue 04-Jul-17 17:26:55

My partner has had a few dogs growing up and into his adult life . Id say he knows quite a bit about dogs
I haven't had many dogs at all . I Had one that died when I was 6 years old and I haven't had a dog since
I think my dogs teeth look a bit shit .
However my partner feels differently and think they look normal
What do u reckon ??
He's always been on a diet of biscuits never moist food
He's 10 years old

Vanillamanilla1 Tue 04-Jul-17 17:27:20

The first one he was upside down

CornflakeHomunculus Tue 04-Jul-17 19:51:42

There does look to be quite a bit of tartar on them. How's his breath? He may need them scaling and then it's a good idea to start brushing them regularly or giving him regular raw bones to prevent it building up again.

Vanillamanilla1 Wed 05-Jul-17 08:15:44

His breath is absolutely rancid

BiteyShark Wed 05-Jul-17 08:23:36

I would check with the vet to see if they need to be cleaned. You can start to try and get him used to having his teeth brushed by you everyday although I suspect it might be hard work to do that at his age as I find it hard with my puppy who is used to me doing that from an early age. Failing that as CornflakeHomunculus mentioned try and give him bones and other things which he can chew on which can help keep his teeth clean.

arbrighton Wed 05-Jul-17 17:22:32

Depends on the dog how hard it is to start brushing their teeth. We took on FIL dog, at almost three. Death breath and tartar aplenty. One incident of running away from the toothpaste (no really) and now she's fine to have them done.
In fact easier than the other one who's had it done since she was a pup, but that's the looser lips meaning we can get brush in etc

one2three4five Wed 05-Jul-17 17:34:23

What sort of biscuits is he on? The pet food market is unregulated, and an absolute minefield! As such, many brands that you would consider to be top end (many sold by vets!), actually add 'various sugars,' as a listed ingredient. Also, many foods say that they contain chicken, or beef etc, but the legal minimum that the food has to contain for it to actually be labelled as a particular flavour, is 4% which is shocking. As such, many companies exploit this and add filler ingredients in large quantities, such as rice and cereals, the later of which will stick to their teeth and make their teeth worse. Avoid dentastix and the like, they all contain high levels of cereal, so while the shape will aid plaque removal, the ingredients will actually enhance plaque build up- which is crazy!

I'd go to the vet and see if the dog needs anything doing. Apart from that though, look at the ingredients in the food and the percentages. If the food contains beer pulp and seaweed, those are really good for oral hygiene, so might be worth getting a food containing those. You can also get a great product called Plaque Off, which is a great long term solution to reduce plaque. You could also try and brush at home, but a ten year old dog might not take too well to that if it has never been done before. smile

one2three4five Wed 05-Jul-17 17:36:22

*beet pulp, not beer pulp!!

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