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bulldog puppy

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ilovesprouts Sat 01-Jul-17 20:06:29

just wonderd if anybody had a bulldog puppy here's mine he's 12 weeks old.hes called george

Augustbabyyeah Sat 01-Jul-17 20:09:29

I don't have one but yours is gorgeous.

Aliiiii Wed 05-Jul-17 12:31:42

I don't have a puppy, but my rescue girl is now nearly 9!

GahBuggerit Wed 05-Jul-17 12:32:35

Oh dear lord what lovely looking puppers!!!


GooodMythicalMorning Fri 07-Jul-17 13:04:50

Here's my baby, he's 10 weeks.

Aliiiii Fri 07-Jul-17 19:25:45

Ooooh look at that face!! smilesmile

Oldsu Wed 12-Jul-17 02:14:14

I have a new Pug puppy

CornflakeHomunculus Wed 12-Jul-17 02:30:39

Just so you know Oldsu, anyone can right click on an image you post and search Google for it, seeing when and where else it's been posted on the internet......... wink

GahBuggerit Wed 12-Jul-17 05:31:15

Why do that? confused

roundtable Wed 12-Jul-17 05:38:04


GooodMythicalMorning Wed 12-Jul-17 07:43:50

Oh dear. Guess it's nearing end of term.

GahBuggerit Wed 12-Jul-17 09:57:28

They are a pretty regular poster aswell whos posted about their pug before.

Weird!!! That puppy has been a puppy since at least 2014 grin

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