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Does anyone have any experience of megaesophagus?

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Muffinbutton Fri 30-Jun-17 18:12:19

Our 6 month old lab has just been diagnosed with megaesophagus. We're going back to the vets again tomorrow to speak to him about feeding and drinking arrangements, but I wondered if anyone had any first hand experience of it?

Bumblebeebuzzybee Fri 30-Jun-17 18:20:21

A close friend had an elderly lab cross with megaoesophagus, she used to feed her from a bowl that was raised up and make her sit bolt upright afterwards for about 15-20 mins to let the food go down, this worked really well and she thrived on this. Not sure what exactly she was fed but I remember it being some sort of biscuit that was well soaked in water (so much so dog rarely drank water as well).

ihatetosay Fri 30-Jun-17 22:51:09

yes my Springer/lab has it - make or buy a Bailey Chair it is like a high chair for dogs so the food has more chance of getting into the stomach. He only has wet food as this slips down easier but can have dry biscuits like bonio but will sick up denta sticks as they are too solid. It will be trial and error and perhaps he will grow out of it. My dog is also worse in the hot weather for some reason but that may just be him.

Muffinbutton Sat 01-Jul-17 06:35:07

Thanks for the replies. For the time being in think we'll feed him on the stairs until we get a more permanent solution.
Do you find massaging the front of his chest helps ?

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