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The weather is awful. Does your dog walk in the rain?

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fleshmarketclose Thu 29-Jun-17 13:52:35

Eric walks in wind, rain,snow,sleet,fog whatever is thrown at us really. Today it is really awful here, but regardless Eric has been out for a good hour. He's obviously got wet through and filthy as have I hmm but two complete strangers have chastised me for taking him out in this weather.
Admittedly being small and white and poodly he does look a delicate soul but he is fit and hardy and as I told them it is he that drags me out and not the other way round.
So do you all have sensible dogs who like to stay clean and dry because I've only seen one other dog out today or are you all wet and muddy today like me? Go on make me feel better.

OnlyTheDepthVaries Thu 29-Jun-17 13:56:23

Rainy here on the south coast. My favourite dog walking time is in the pouring one else about!! My 2 Labradors love it. I got home from work yesterday, grabbed the leads and off we went...all 3 of us soaked through and very happy!! Lovely.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Thu 29-Jun-17 13:56:48

Hahahaahah my two younger dogs just love it. In fact, even in good weather they are always guaranteed to find the one muddy spot or puddle to jump in.
My older dog though has always hated the rain and I virtually have to drag her out in it.

AlpacaLypse Thu 29-Jun-17 13:57:30

Professional dogwalker here. Most of the Labradors and Spaniels couldn't care less about the weather. Some of the short fine coated breeds do get hacked off with it, even if they have their coats on. I remember a Rhodesian Ridgeback who would always stuff her head into my groin to stop raindrops hitting her face!

Floralnomad Thu 29-Jun-17 13:59:21

My dog will quite happily go running about in the rain and mud , but you have hell trying to get him to go out the back door in the rain to have a pee in the garden , completely bonkers .

MadisonMontgomery Thu 29-Jun-17 13:59:22

Yes, reluctantly. However he needs walking, so we just have to get on with it.

EssieTregowan Thu 29-Jun-17 14:00:02

My chi won't even go out if it's a bit windy. Rain gets a big old nope.

Ellieboolou27 Thu 29-Jun-17 14:03:46

Jack Russell owner and he point blank refuses to step out in the rain and cold and wind and dark

fleshmarketclose Thu 29-Jun-17 14:06:18

Floral Eric won't go out in the back garden when it's raining either. But he's chomping at the bit to go out the front for a walk whatever the weather hmm strange hound grin

LumelaMme Thu 29-Jun-17 14:07:42

Pointer dog does not care. Could not care any less, in fact.

Many's the cold, wet, windy walk when I have been slogging along, hunched into the gale, while he skips and frolics and bounds and leaps, unable to understand why I don't appreciate the artistic mud spatters up my coat as he canters past.

Wolfiefan Thu 29-Jun-17 14:07:54

Yesterday I dragged giant pup out. It was chucking it down and she kept poking me and looking up as if to say "can't you see that stuff streaming out of the sky?"
I told her that as an IRISH wolfhound she should be able to cope with a bit of wet. She's not convinced. Think I will look for a waterproof coat for the winter.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Thu 29-Jun-17 14:09:46

There's the embarrassing story about going out for a walk when it was raining and my oldest then managed to hide under a poo bin and absolutely refuse to come out. That was fun.

Spudlet Thu 29-Jun-17 14:11:21

My spaniel enjoys it when he's out, but I do get some fairly dubious looks as we leave the house at times grin

littlemissneela Thu 29-Jun-17 14:12:01

My cocker spaniel hates the rain, and looks at me sadly from her bed if I suggest going out in it. Once out, she is fine, or if we are already out and then it starts to rain she is fine. I dont think its bad for them to go out in the rain though. Most odd you had two people say that to you.

cakesandphotos Thu 29-Jun-17 14:13:22

My DM has to carry her Jack Russell over the road, put her down under the trees for a wee then carry her back again. She's pathetic (dog not DM!) she also doesn't do wind, sleet, snow or heat hmm

Baalam Thu 29-Jun-17 14:15:27

I walk my dogs everyday whatever the weather, would never consider staying in because it's raining?! The only time I didn't walk them far was when it was so hot, even then we went out at, 10pm,!

FlipflopsOrWellieboots Thu 29-Jun-17 14:15:44

On the South Coast too! Just got back in with cocker and the Hound.... they didn't mind, but the smells the rain brings on, Lordy Lordy, Hound dog almost pulled me off my feet. And we met a herd of deer, which is never good.....

Floralnomad Thu 29-Jun-17 14:15:49

wolfie , have a look at equafleece , I find most coats too inhibiting for movement but the fleeces keep the wet out and are very flexible , mine walks just in his jumper most days , but also has coats from them . I'm sure they do big sizes / made to measure ( they do after all do horse blankets) . They also wash well , dry quickly and ours are about 6 yrs old now and still as new .

Kleptronic Thu 29-Jun-17 14:18:17

I've got a border collie and a miniature dachshund. The dachshund has a bespoke raincoat and harness but still has to be carried a lot, he's a proper refusenik, it's that or drag him and I'm sure someone'd call the RSPCA if I did. Mind you much better than carrying the collie.

MiaowTheCat Thu 29-Jun-17 14:18:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 29-Jun-17 14:22:01

Current dog doesn't even like going out for a pee if it's cold! The older one who just died recently once dangled his arse out the back door for a pee when it was a rainy night. ...he was never a leg cocker, always a half squat

Both large gsds who act like froufrou mummy's boys when it comes to bad weather.

MurielsBottom Thu 29-Jun-17 14:22:26

I do walk my dogs every day but I am quite convinced that my little whippet would rather I left him at home when it is raining or very windy. Big whippet is always a little reluctant to leave the couch but once out he gets on with enjoying himself. Big big dog (podenco) just loves to go out, whatever the weather is doing, hot, cold, wind, rain, thunder, snow. He loves the great outdoors! So much so he regularly sits in the garden on his own! He is a bit bonkers though. We adopted him from a rescue in Spain and the first time it snowed here he was out all the time, skipping about in the snow like a lamb. So funny to watch and the two whippets were stood at the window just watching and thinking "what a fool"!

Baalam Thu 29-Jun-17 14:23:28

I have a lab, a standard poodle and a terrier. They literally live for walks

TheHodgeoftheHedge Thu 29-Jun-17 14:26:47

I can also recommend Equafleece - absolutely phenomenal coats. The dogs can breath in them but they're waterproof and you can just bung them in the washing machine when they are inevitably covered in mud ;)

hmcAsWas Thu 29-Jun-17 14:28:17


Nothing comes between Ddog and his walk....[sighs]

The strangers who commented are barmy and should have wound their necks in

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