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Dog walker recommendations please for Salcombe

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mckenzie Wed 28-Jun-17 21:18:51

We are going to Salcombe for a family holiday and taking our gorgeous mutt with us.
We might need some dog care while we are there.

Can anyone recommend somebody please?


mckenzie Thu 29-Jun-17 15:46:12


Saffy27890 Thu 29-Jun-17 15:49:26

Hi! Have you tried BorrowMyDoggy? It's free (but you can subscribe - something like £49 a year). I've used it quite a few times with good results! smile

mckenzie Thu 29-Jun-17 17:04:08

Not sure I want to that route Saffy.
I don't need Borrowmydoggy here at home; I'm just looking for some dog care while we are in Salcombe on holiday, for example when we have a surfing lesson and there is nowhere on the beach to safely leave the dog.

Saffy27890 Thu 29-Jun-17 18:26:25

I've used it for home dog care! Could you not change your location just for salcombe on borrow my Doggy?
Enjoy Salcombesmile

mckenzie Fri 30-Jun-17 18:45:01

I don't need it at home though Saffy so I'd have to pay the £50 joining fee just to to use it in Salcombe when I probably will only need one 1 hour walk the whole of our week holiday.
I'd rather find a recommended paid dog walker I think.


ChrisPrattsFace Fri 30-Jun-17 18:53:34

You don't NEED to subscribe, she's saying use it on the free trial for your holidays only!
I don't know the area to help further! Sorry!

mckenzie Fri 30-Jun-17 19:01:57

I didn't know there was a free trial - thanks Chris. I'll get back on the site. I couldn't see any free trial offer.

ChrisPrattsFace Sat 01-Jul-17 17:57:30

I signed up a year or so ago and there was no cost, I just wanted to get out the house and do some walking and felt it would be nice to have a dog with me! Not used it for a long time though!
Hope it works out for you!

mckenzie Mon 03-Jul-17 19:40:27

Sadly there is no free trial.
I might just go for it anyway and fingers cross it's not a waste of £50.

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