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fairychronicle Fri 16-Jun-17 21:01:09

hi we have a 4yr old lab cross and a 18month old cockerpoo and are having real problems with feeding. The cockerpoo has always been a bit distractd and rarely eats all her meals even though they are on the light side. The lab has always eaten well but has now taken to not eating all her food and horrendous resource guarding. we haven't changed the food at all, they have dry kibble. about a year ago we tried raw minced food which they liked ( the young one didn't always eat it all as usual) but it was just getting too expensive. I think they would prefer a wet food but don't know what to get which is a good fodo and not really expensive. Anyone have any ideas?

LumelaMme Fri 16-Jun-17 21:33:20

When it comes to checking out dog foods, this website if your friend.

As for the resource guarding, a decent behaviourist might be the answer.

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