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Anyone gone out before the week is out?

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buntingbeeyatch Wed 14-Jun-17 23:05:29

So our little pup has had her last set of vaccinations but she's honest to Jesus stir crazy. Has anyone taken them out before the week after their 3rd jabs?

I'll be honest I've had to chase her minus shoes and bra across the street cause she's sly like a fox and I swear I don't know how I didn't get medals for sprinting at school. Despite chicken wire everywhere she's managed to Houdini out a few times. I think she's ready but need advice if this is a bad idea

Wolfiefan Wed 14-Jun-17 23:06:59

No. I wouldn't risk it. You can take her out but carry her. Play in the garden. Training and brain games. Get her used to a lead.

ruthsmumkath Wed 14-Jun-17 23:46:28

I did - and the vet said it would be fine - I left it 3-4 days. We live in a nice area. All was fine.

Ylvamoon Thu 15-Jun-17 01:20:25

You could... but you need to avoid other dogs and puddles, wet muddy areas or still standing water ... in short just a little pavement walk or some dry grassy area minus other dogs would be fine. Question is can you guarantee that these conditions are met?

LumelaMme Thu 15-Jun-17 06:00:02

I did. Confining a a large puppy from working lines is very stressful for both owner and puppy, who is missing out on learning about the world. I worked on the basis that a dog being reared on a farm near a road or footpath would be exposed to most of those pathogens anyway - and the vast majority of those survive. I just kept away from the most popular dog-walking areas and didn't let the pup drink puddle water. Luckily the weather was dry which helped.

It's a risk, but I reckoned the puppy's sanity (and ours!) and the puppy's need to be socialised were worth it.

If you don't want to risk it, can you take her to visit friends who have pup-loving, vaccinated dogs for a bomb around a new garden and a nice play? (We did that too, but it wasn't enough...)

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 15-Jun-17 06:20:48

It's a few days. Nothing in the greater scheme of things. Why risk her. Invite a vaccinated dog round to play.

LilCamper Thu 15-Jun-17 08:10:14

Pups need to be carried out and about and have as many positive experiences as possible from day one. More dogs are given up on due to behavioural issues caused by lack of/poor socialisation than die of immunisable diseases.

buntingbeeyatch Thu 15-Jun-17 08:34:03

I'll just wait til the weekend, that'll be 5 days, it's just a shame she's trying to escape out the garden to go play. She's been introduced to a few dogs already so has been getting experience but she's getting awful for barking and i think it's more cause she wants out of the garden than anything

LilCamper Thu 15-Jun-17 08:49:14

She needs to get used to passing vehicles, carrier bags blowing by, people on bikes, see checklist, BEFORE the socialisation window shuts at between 14-16 weeks.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Thu 15-Jun-17 09:11:12

I did but mainly in my arms and safe places. Just carrying a puppy around is exhausting for them and I found pup settled well after a good walk round town (with every person we passed fussing the hell out of her).

Why is she on three shots? its normally two.

RoseVase2010 Thu 15-Jun-17 12:31:04

Third set of vacs?

Mine went out after the 1st lot, 48 hours but not to places where he could encounter unvaccinated dogs so no parks or pavements.

Luckily we had lots of friends with vaccinated dogs and a private livery yard full of responsible dog owners.

He also spent a lot of time in the pub 😎

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Thu 15-Jun-17 12:43:48

She does need socialising ASAP. Carry her if not vaccinations weren't long enough ago for her to be covered. Although like others I'm confused by 3rd vaccination. It's normally 2.

My puppy had his first vac on the day he was 10weeks old, so was allowed to go walking out and about a week after the first one (just told to stay away from or to carry him if we went near ponds). But I'd also been carrying him around in the big outside world since 8weeks - as recommended.

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Thu 15-Jun-17 12:44:38

*Carry her if her vaccinations

buntingbeeyatch Thu 15-Jun-17 16:54:26

Well she had at 6 weeks then 10 weeks and then 2 weeks after that. That's what we were told to do by the vet.

She has been socialising with father in laws dog and that though. It's more she's getting a bit stir crazy in the garden

BLUEsNewSpringWatch Thu 15-Jun-17 17:19:05

Socialisation doesn't just mean meeting other dogs it means going out seeing cars, vans, etc. Seeing all sorts of people wearing all sorts of clothes, seeing various animals from birds and squirrels, to sheep and horses, etc. That's why people carry their puppy out and about, when they aren't yet fully vaccinated, thus not allowed to walk.

parklives Thu 15-Jun-17 18:35:03

If she is a healthy puppy I wouldn't wait.
My dog was a vey timid puppy and has grown into an insecure dog (although not too bad).
I wish I had taken him out as soon as possible rather than waiting because I do believe the more positive experiences a young pup has the better.

buntingbeeyatch Thu 15-Jun-17 20:51:34

BLUE I have carried her here and there so she's been getting out enough, it's just I can't get her out as much cause of the baby. She didn't like the bottom of the buggy so didn't want to risk her jumping out

I'll wait 5 days and see how she is, she's very healthy though so we'll see

SparklingRaspberry Fri 16-Jun-17 07:57:59

You'll be fine. I had my pup out walking from day 1 of getting her and so far she's never been ill (I don't vaccinate and she's 6 months old).

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