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Worried about my dog while we are on holiday

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Elipsical Sun 11-Jun-17 18:17:41

My little JRT is a proper lap dog, loves nothing better than following me around all day.

She was used to being home boarded with a family for years when we went on holiday (she's 8 now). She was always fine albeit a bit thinner when she got home as she usually grazes on her dry food but with the family she had to be fed twice a day with the other dogs.

This summer we are going away for three weeks and we booked her in ages ago with the usual home boarders but at Christmas they told us they would be closing the business. So, I found another lady who home boards and since March Ddog has been going to her for the day roughly every two weeks so she can get used to her. The lady always says she's been fine but she never eats a thing when she's there and the past few times she's gone she's eaten grass in the garden then is sick. When she gets home then she gobbles down all her food so that tells me she's hungry and the tummy rumbles are probably why she eats the grass.

I'm starting to get worried she won't eat while we are away, she's staying there next weekend overnight for one night and we then go away for three weeks early July. The lady says not to worry, she won't starve and by day three she'll be eating. She's fine around other dogs, but I can tell by her demeanour she doesn't really like being there and away from me as she whines by the gate to leave as I stand and chat to the lady.
The lady says she spends the day on her lap and she's quite happy when I'm not there. I'm worried she won't eat though, any reassurances that she won't actually starve herself? Should I take some wet food pouches to try and tempt her to eat? Anyone else's dog the same?

BiteyShark Sun 11-Jun-17 18:25:18

My dog is fickle with food and will often not eat if something more interesting is happening. If your dog is only going for one day at the moment then she probably won't eat but she will when she stays there for longer as the hunger kicks in.

villainousbroodmare Sun 11-Jun-17 18:25:51

It's like leaving your child at playschool. They will cry when you leave and be sad for a few minutes but if the care is good, they will have a pretty okay time. They may not eat initially but will eventually when hungry enough. Nicer food will be more tempting. This is the perpetual downside of having dogs.

TheFlyingFauxPas Wed 14-Jun-17 17:25:35

Our ddog went to a home boarder. He was happy apart from at bedtime when she wouldn't let him in/ on her bed! He was slow to eat but soon gobbled it up with some scrambled egg on 🙂

Kittysparks1 Wed 14-Jun-17 22:46:01

I'm lucky as my mum always takes my dog in when I go on holiday but she will not eat her food and spends the whole time staring at the front door waiting for me to return. I'm not sure if she is not eating because she is sad or because she knows my mum will give in and cook for her. As soon as I get home she reverts back to her dry food. Maybe ask them if they can mix gravy in with the dry food to see if this works??

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