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Dog training advice

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MissBax Tue 30-May-17 18:50:11

My mum has a 1 year old cockapoo, she jumps up and barks constantly for attention (the dog not my mum ;))
Everytime I suggest training my mum gets very defensive as if I'm personally offending her or judging her dog-parenting.
I was wondering whether anyone has some quick and easy tips to stop her barking and jumping up so much - I'm due to give birth in August and wouldn't want to take baby round if it isn't sorted by then!
Thanks for any help!

Nancy91 Tue 30-May-17 18:53:11

Totally ignore her whenever she jumps or barks. I turn my back on my dog when she tries this. Shouting etc makes it worse. Best of luck smile

Spanneroo Tue 30-May-17 18:55:34

Our GSD x Great Dane used to do this when we first got him from rescue. I'm sure you can imagine how big of an issue it was! He was at his worst when greeting people in our house.

Best advice we got given was to always move towards him as he did it. It unbalances them and closes off the space. You naturally step back when a dog jumps up, or at least open up your body language, which 'allows' them space to do this.

The other thing we did was to never ever ever let him in the hallway unless he was asked, by establishing a threshold he wasn't allowed to cross (exactly like when you train them not to go upstairs). This meant he got less excited about visitors in general because it was made very clear that greeting was not his domain. This one will be trickier to dk if it's against your mum's will though.

TBH I think I'd tell your DM what you've said here - that you cannot have the dog jumping up when the baby gets here and if she won't address it and it's not sorted, you simply won't be visiting and she can always be the one to make the effort. It's really not difficult to teach a dog not to jump up.

Wolfiefan Tue 30-May-17 18:58:39

There's a great dog training group on FB called dog training advice and support you could join.
Keep it on a lead when people visit so it can't jump up?
TBH if she won't shut it away (stairgate?) from your child when you visit then I wouldn't be going over. If it isn't trained then a dog and baby/toddler is an accident waiting to happen.
And yes. I have a dog. Training is a uh hum work in progress! hmm

BiteyShark Tue 30-May-17 19:01:44

Oh dear if your DM thinks training is a slur on her dog parenting skills I think any advice you give will fall on deaf ears. Good luck OP.

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