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Limping Greyhound

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lifeintheslowlane1 Mon 29-May-17 21:43:17

My 9 year old greyhound has suddenly started limping on his back leg. He was a bit slow on his walk today but kept going (no limp at the time). He normally is very vocal if he is in pain but he is being quite stoical and there's no obvious injury. I have some metacam left over from some dental work he had done - should I give him some or wait til he's seen a vet?

Tamberlane Tue 30-May-17 10:04:20

Rest him and vet in the morning.
Or ring your vet and get their advise? Noone on here knows your dogs medical history or the reasons.
Meloxicam will also last 24 hours so may also hinder the vets exam tommorrow as hes less likely to tell then where its sore when hes on strong painrelief.....

CMOTDibbler Tue 30-May-17 10:11:14

I usually give my lurchers 24 hours of rest when they start limping before I think about the vet. I have a good prod, and check that they can move everything without particular pain, look for swelling or warmth and decide from there. My SIL who is a vet recommended cooling the legs by bandaging a soft cool patch (like the forehead ones) to any warm bits.

You might want to check for corns as well by brushing toothpaste onto their pads - greys are very prone to them

Mine go off lead and are prone to just twinging legs by hoolying about, and we'd be forever at the vets otherwise!

If it doesn't seem better after 24 hours of rest, I'd go and get it checked out.

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