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Dog abuse

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Gilly0812 Sat 27-May-17 21:00:52

Sorry, I read but don't often post. Was disgusted this morning whilst I was out walking with my dog in a busy park. A couple with a rotty on lead and the wife holding a muzzle in her hand, were coming towards us and I felt uncomfortable so thankfully put my cockapoo on his lead. As we walked past the rotty lunged at my dog. The man restrained his dog then whacked it hard twice with the walking-type stick he was carrying. I inmediately shouted 'sir, sir you can't hit your dog like that. If you need to do that you shouldn't have the dog and you should be usIng that muzzle' I got an earful of verbal abuse, him effing and blinding (in front of a park full of children) about how it was his dog and he could do what he effing liked! If that is what he does in public, what the hell does he do at home. My husband stepped up to defend me but the man just challenged him to a fight. He was about 70. My husband is an amateur American football player! Sorry I just need to vent as I am worried about the dog (and the wife to be honest). My husband is kicking himself that he didn't film the whole thing to shame him on social media.

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Sun 28-May-17 16:15:40

Rest assured his time will come. Rotty's hold grudges. .
As a rotty owner my ddog remembers who is to be respected and who needs a good chunk taken out of their arm. .
Never aggressive towards people but if she saw my exh I am sure that would change.

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