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Bored Border Collie, I think.

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Thecatshatonthematagain Thu 25-May-17 09:57:07

Hi I'm after some advice. My near neighbours have a lovely border collie and to all intents and purposes it is well fed and looked after. However, I think the poor dog is bored stupid. If they're lucky they get walked once a day. The rest of the time the spend between the garden and house, often shut in or out. The dog has ruined the garden with constant digging and now appears to spend all its time bounding from one side of the garden to the other, hurling itself at the fence. I know the dog has tried to climb over into the neighbour's garden, able due to some badly placed garden furniture and obviously as dog has grown, it's been easier to get up. while that neighbour has tried to politely say it's not acceptable as they have young children who use the garden, the dog owner has kind of laughed it off. But still doesn't seem to realise it could be because the dog is bored. It barks an awful lot, and is very vocal when another neighbour's dog starts up. Other dogs down out road definitely don't behave like this.

My understanding is border collies in particular are intelligent dogs and need to be occupied and active as much as possible. With suggestions falling on deaf ears, what is our next step. I'm concerned for the dog's welfare as well as what might happen when the dog realises if they move a few feet towards the end of the garden, they can once again scale the fence. Is there a particular body who might be able to approach and make suggestions in order to maintain neighbourly relations.

BiteyShark Thu 25-May-17 10:16:00

If you are in the uk I can't see any of the agencies being able to do anything if the dogs isn't being abused and has access to food, water and shelter. Being bored unfortunately isn't something they can do anything about sad

isupposeitsverynice Thu 25-May-17 10:19:15

I don't think much will come of reporting. When I was little we used to have a collie who liked to be out in the garden most of the day and someone reported him as being neglected. The rspca popped round and were told he's not out all day and went away again... lucky he was actually being well looked after because I don't think they even came in the house!

pigsDOfly Thu 25-May-17 14:17:03

I know it's very unlikely of the animal organisations would be interested in this dog, as pp said, if they are being fed and watered and are in reasonably good health, it's viewed as okay.

It really isn't. That poor dog. Sounds as if he's literally bouncing off the walls with boredom. He's an intelligent working breed with huge exercise needs, why the hell would someone go out of their way to get a dog like that and then leave it stuck in the garden.

In my opinion that amounts to abuse.

NKFell Thu 25-May-17 16:54:31

Unfortunately I don't think anyone will do anything so there's no point reporting- I agree with PP it does amount to abuse.

I have a Border Collie and he would go crazy in those conditions. Poor thing.

PlayOnWurtz Thu 25-May-17 17:15:07

Poor thing. I have a border mix and you really need to keep their minds ticking over or they become mischevious. We do brain training on top of walks as due to reactivity she can't always be walked for as long as she needs.

BloodWorries Thu 25-May-17 20:52:32

Poor pup. Agree with PP nothing much you can do as it currently is.

If the dog escapes again you can call the dog warden, who may of may not come to collect/return the dog. They might talk to the owners, but only about making sure the dog doesn't get out.

Thecatshatonthematagain Thu 25-May-17 23:06:56

You're right that as the dog is otherwise well cared for, no one would be interested. I guess the best port of call would be dog warden for the barking. At least I guess they would maybe offer some advice on how to care for the stimulation aspect of the breed.

It bugs me how people get a pet and think as long as it has food and shelter that's all they need to be cared for.

Unfortunately their direct neighbour is a cat person (one gorgeous cat) so any casual comments about barking dogs being bored or how much effort it must be to keep a working breed dog entertained are way too subtle. Plus they don't want to rock the neighbourly boat too much. The dog the other side very rarely barks, only when the border collie is really off on one. But it goes out all day with its owners and they work outside an awful lot.

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