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first time in heat/first period, advice?!

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alittlel0ve Tue 23-May-17 13:54:06

Our nearly nine month old cocker spaniel has just today started bleeding, spotted some small blood spots on the wooden floor where she'd been sitting and when checking her over it's all over her "bits" and her nipples are swollen.
We have a vet appointment for tomorrow afternoon which was booked last week (just a check up and she's due a flea treatment) so of course she'll get looked over and we can get advice from him too but I'm just after any help/advice on what's the best way to deal with it?
We have an open plan setting all of downstairs but a large baby gate separating the carpeted living room anyway so atleast any other accidents will be easily cleaned up etc and she still has plenty of room to play in the other area.
Also we're going away for a night on Thursday and my parents are due to look after her on thursday and friday, they have a 3 year old bitch of their own and I'm just wondering if anyone has found their dog to be in any way extra irritable/aggressive/any change in their behaviour or anything like that when they're in heat? (they gone their bitch done before her first season so I can't ask them!)

alittlel0ve Tue 23-May-17 13:56:30

* that was supposed to say had their bitch done not gone *

Lucisky Tue 23-May-17 15:59:17

A dogs heat has nothing in common with periods. Your dog will be irresistible to male dogs, and she may become flirty, moody and disobedient - or she may not, every bitch is different. Some bitches are messy, blobbing everywhere, some you would hardly know, apart from them licking themselves a lot. Keep her on a lead when you walk her, as she will try to find a mate. This will go on for about 3 weeks.

pigsDOfly Tue 23-May-17 18:46:01

As Lucisky says, they're all different. But it's really not a good idea to take a bitch in heat out to the park or anywhere there is likely to be entire male dogs.

Males will make every effort to mate with her and you might find yourself having to fight off a very determined suitor or two.

I've seen a well trained male dog lose the plot and run straight across a busy main road in his effort to get to a female in heat, thankfully he wasn't hit by any of the cars but it was a near thing.

Wolfiefan Tue 23-May-17 18:48:09

Interested in this. My pup is a bit young for a season yet. As she's a giant breed it's not recommended to spay her for a couple of years! Safe to walk on lead around the roads? I would avoid anywhere there would be dogs off lead like fields and woods and park.

Ylvamoon Tue 23-May-17 19:03:39

I agree, keep her on the lead at all times! Also, try avoiding the usual dog hot sports- your girl will be advertising for a (any!) boyfriend. And any dog with b** will want to be her best mate for a little while!
When the discharge turns from bright red to light pink, she will be in her most fertile period ... this can las up to 3 weeks.
But don't worry, you can keep an eye on her "bits" which should currently be swollen... once the swelling is gone, she won't be fertile anymore. If you are unsure, you can wipe with toilet paper, if her season is finished, there should be no discharge.
(From my experience: first heats are usually shorter and generate less "interest" than subsequent ones.)

pigsDOfly Tue 23-May-17 19:04:25

It's a difficult one Wolfie. Do you keep her in the house and have her bouncing off the walls, or take the risk of meeting male dogs?

On the lead, around the roads sounds like the best plan. You could also try taking her away from your home in the car to walk her further away, so you aren't attracting dogs to your house, That's likely to be a problem if there's lots of entire male dogs in your area.

Goingtobeawesome Tue 23-May-17 19:21:59

I have a ten month old golden retriever and are waiting for her first season. Just before she was six months we found blood in her bed and I still have no idea if that was her season or not.

EleanorRigbysNeice Wed 24-May-17 08:53:51

DON'T let her out of your sight! That means at all times (even when shes in the garden - you'd be surprised how persistent an entact dog can be). She MAY be flirty. Mine wasn't and even though she was always on her lead for walks at quiet times of the day, if we DID come across another dog, she'd just sit down and growl, as if to say "back off!" We put towels and old bedding down to protect our new carpets and the mop handy for the wooden floors. My girl was very off her food, slept a lot and her stomach was upset initially but, they are all different. She's 2 now and was spayed at 22 months, as I don't agree with spaying at "puberty".

EleanorRigbysNeice Wed 24-May-17 08:56:06

Goingtobe mine's a Golden too and had her first season around 10 months. Here she is...

Goingtobeawesome Wed 24-May-17 10:58:17

She's beautiful! Would have been rude not to return the joy

Goingtobeawesome Wed 24-May-17 11:00:47

Mine lost blood just before six months but none since. She has had an upset tummy for a few days but I assumed it was from her new treats. She's also been playing in water. She hasn't been eager for breakfast the last two days then this morning refused it completely until after her walk. She's playing what a chew toy at the moment.

EleanorRigbysNeice Wed 24-May-17 11:14:45

Aww, Gottobe she's gorgeous! Just LOVE the goldens!

EleanorRigbysNeice Wed 24-May-17 11:15:11


Goingtobeawesome Wed 24-May-17 13:44:30

That's okay smile.

She's just had her chicken and rice which I hope will help her upset tummy.

alittlel0ve Wed 24-May-17 14:10:04

Thank you for all the replies smile
She's been out for her walks but we've kept her to path ones on her lead instead of our usual route where we'd let her off to run and play, apart from being unhappy that she's not getting her normal walk (she knows which way to go and was pulling like crazy to go down the street that leads there last night!!) she's being herself, she hasn't eaten much of her breakfast this morning (ate everything fine yesterday) but looks like a slight lack of appetite is normal when they're in season by the replies.
Mentioned it to my parents last night as she's now stopping there tonight and tomorrow due to our early start in the morning and they know to keep her on her lead and they have wooden floors through out so all accidents easy to clean at their house too!

EleanorRigbysNeice Wed 24-May-17 16:57:49

OP, I cannot emphasise enough to NOT leave her unattended in the garden. 😊

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