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Anyone done a dog first aid course?

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BiteyShark Wed 17-May-17 18:18:56

DDog just started choking and although he is fine now it scared me.

Just been looking online at dog first aid courses. Seems there are some online and in classrooms. Think I prefer a classroom one.

Has anyone done one in person and do you think they gave you the knowledge of what to do in an emergency?

pigsDOfly Wed 17-May-17 19:01:51

I did one when my dog was a puppy so about 5.5 years ago - would probably be a good idea to do another one as a reminder. It was run by one of the nurses at my vets, so in a classroom setting for one evening.

I did find it helpful to learn how to deal with things like choking, and how to do CPR on my small dog - was surprised to learn how much pressure you can apply - and would certainly recommend it to other dog owners.

Having said that, I'm a bit of a panicker so not sure how calmly I'd be able to apply these things if the need arose; thankfully, up to now I haven't had to find out.

BiteyShark Wed 17-May-17 19:08:08

Sounds like it would be useful then. They don't appear to cost much either and him properly choking before he cleared it himself really bought home how easily it is for something serious to happen.

The stupid thing is I did a first aid course many years ago for humans so I am confident enough to do cpr in an emergency on a person but wouldn't know where to start with a dog.

pigsDOfly Wed 17-May-17 19:26:21

Can't remember what I paid but, as you say, it was very little.

Always worth having as much knowledge as possible. Glad your dog's okay.

LaGattaNera Wed 17-May-17 19:43:12

Yes! I am doing one a week on Saturday - 4 hours in classroom £31 definitely worth it - it is actually a pet first aid but assume mainly dogs & cats will be covered rather than spiders & stick insects! It says drowning, choking, CPR and accidents will be covered.

BiteyShark Wed 17-May-17 19:47:59

I've found on near me for next week but there appears to be lots of spaces left so I have a horrible feeling that although I have registered it won't go ahead.

Sounds like similar content LaGattaNera although this is specifically canine first aid but yes I can imagine it will be mainly for cats and dogs for a general pet course.

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