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Dog has just eaten an entire roast chicken(!) Reassurance of similar escapades please!

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mummabubs Tue 16-May-17 20:30:26

Our 7 year old rescue greyhound (who is renowned for eating a manner of things he shouldn't) has outdone himself this evening. Just found that he's eaten an entire rotisserie chicken (full carcass and leg meat, breast meat had been removed for our dinner). He's been a tiny bit sick (literally a tablespoon equivalent) and promptly eaten that up again. He's had a lot of water too. Other than that he's acting like his usual self.

We're going to keep a close eye on him for 48 hours as I'm aware of the risk of blockage/internal splinters, but I can't help feeling anxious. (Obviously if he stops eating or shows signs of distress it'll be straight to the vet with him). Can others possibly share their stories of their beloved pooches eating all manner of naughty/bad things and being fine afterwards? Thanks in advance xx

Lucisky Tue 16-May-17 21:43:14

Many years ago my brothers young dog (and don't ask how, he wasn't a very attentive owner) ate a giant bar of dairy milk, including wrapper, a selection of dried flowers and some of that grey oasis you put dried arrangements in. Dog spent two nights at the vets, but was fine. Poor creature was killed in a caravan fire a few months later. Actually my brother should never have had a dog at all in retrospect.

daisygirlmac Tue 16-May-17 21:47:25

My mums dog is extremely partial to chocolate and once ate a full box of roses. We know it was a full box as he took all the wrappers off first and left them behind the sofa. He has also eaten knickers, a box of ritz crackers, half the Christmas turkey (even though he had to drag a bucket across the garage to stand on) and a whole salmon. He's now 11 and no less greedy, but will happily ignore dry dog food in a bowl for days at a time grin

SomethingPhishy Tue 16-May-17 21:49:47

Our black lab did this with a chicken carcuss my dp left on the side to put in the outside bin then fell asleep (he was on nights in his defence). No harm done apart from to our nerves!

leighdinglady Tue 16-May-17 21:52:34

If he's had all the bones it can be really dangerous. Ours did this as a pup and was shitty blood. Feed him lots of bread to cushion any sharp bones. I'd also take him to the vets tbh

poorbuthappy Tue 16-May-17 21:57:02

My dog ate a tub of quality street and we had sparkly poo for a week.

TheStoatIsStoatallyDifferent Tue 16-May-17 22:02:41

When I was a kid our dog ate 12 creme eggs and two full size Easter eggs. She also had sparkly poo for a few weeks!

mummabubs Tue 16-May-17 22:24:59

Thanks all, that is making me feel oddly better. (I'm 19 weeks pregnant with first child and feel guilty that it was a moment of inattention on my part that enabled dog to scoff said poultry). Historically he's had his share of chocolate, raw baking potatoes (?!) sirloin steak and two five packs of custard doughnuts. Being a greyhound it's challenging for us to keep things out of his reach!

@leighdinglady He sleeps in the room with us so we can keep a close eye on him. Friend is a vet and has basically said unless he actively looks distressed (I.e poops blood or is obviously blocked) there's not much a vet could do right at this minute so it's a waiting game for us it seems. He's still fine, just settled down to sleep and even went back in the kitchen to see if he could nab any more chicken(!) His stomach doesn't look distended so fingers crossed... confused

bluetongue Wed 17-May-17 10:34:55

I hope you don't have cream carpet! My foster greyhound scoffed a large amount of beef mince off the counter and had a massive poo explosion on my bedroom carpet. So. Much. Poo shock

Hoppinggreen Wed 17-May-17 10:41:09

My Goldie ate about 6 spicy chicken wings off the worktop last week
He's fine

happygardening Wed 17-May-17 22:18:33

My dog ate an entire box or organic cocoa I only found out a few weeks later when I went to cook with it and couldn't find it. DH had no idea chocolate is meant to be poisonous for dogs. He was absolutely fine, I recently discovered my DH regularly feeds him whats left of the bolognese/lasagne with onions in and he regularly steels grapes both I understand are meant to be poisonous for dogs. He has also on three separate occasions drunk a whole tumbler full of rum!!
Last year he was hit by a lorry and stood up as nothing had happened! My family joke that he'll live for ever. He is an old dog in general but is very old for his breed as he exceeds the life expectancy for them, he's never had a days illness in his life, he is full of life more than many younger dogs we meet when out walking and is exceedingly fit regularly walking 5 miles + a day.
Clearly grapes onions alcohol and chocolate are not and have not done him any harm. He swears its his daily cup of tea that keeps him young!

justdontevenfuckingstart Wed 17-May-17 22:22:48

Coconut fat ball he pinched off a bird feeder. Lots of poo. Glasses, socks, bank cards, a sofa, shoes, trees, brick, a bit of door, usually found trying to eat his own foot............he's chewing something now. Probably half a fence, i've given up to be honest.

theothersideoftheworld Wed 17-May-17 22:26:35

My old dog ate 6 trifles.

slownsteady Wed 17-May-17 22:29:26

Over the years my dog has eaten:

A large m&s Christmas pudding
A box of muesli
Cat food
Half a pukka pie
Any bread or sandwiches left lying around
An entire bar of galaxy (sealed and stolen from my handbag)
Raided bins and stole every packet/wrapper/box to chew over
Much more, that's just off the top of my head

The bugger is fine.

mirren3 Wed 17-May-17 22:35:03

A friends dog ate a good 20 or so sugar free sweets, a panicked phone call to the vet who said don't worry it'll only give her the runs. It sure did for about 36 hours, included in the second day there was a river of sweetie wrappers.

weaselwords Wed 17-May-17 22:38:11

My friend's dog used to poo in my herb garden, looking me dead in the eye when it did it. It also had the most annoying yap known to man. It would eat anything and once ate one of her used condoms. He went to visit the his parents and the stupid creature got so exited that when it got out of the car it yapped hysterically and then hunched over for a shit. Staring his mum in the eye as it shit out the condom and then continued yapping and running around with it hanging out of its arse.

My dog has been eating her bed over the last few days. It is now lumpy and uncomfortable and she is cross and wants me to do something and so keeps coming in to stare accusingly at me. Her guts remain fine but my bank balance will suffer as I have to get her another bed at the weekend.

VioletBow Wed 17-May-17 22:38:35

Years ago we had a deaf border collie cross old English sheepdog who often liked to jump the 6ft garden fence and go off on a jolly, thankfully not straying too far from our house.
One day after using our other dog to track her down (can't call for her) we found her eating a duck feathers and allconfused It was awful but she was right as rain, we were never sure if she killed the duck or found it. We soon topped the fence with a trellis.
In recent years we rescued a lovely husky who used to take great pleasure in hunting rabbits along a country route we used to walk and devouring them whole boak

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 17-May-17 22:44:04

Fat balls for the birds are a favourite snack here.

A whole fish he found on the beach and various see weed.

mummabubs Wed 17-May-17 22:53:16

Thank you all so much- glad to see ours isn't the only one lacking common sense when it comes to avoiding toxic foods! (That and he's yet to eat a condom, so I now feel like we're winning!) 😂

Just to update he's absolutely fine- dog walkers this morning text me a poop-by-poop account (1 stable and 3 runny if anyone's interested, which is typical for him) and he's acting completely normal. "Dustbin Scoffman" as we affectionately nickname him lives to steal another day!

CornflakeHomunculus Wed 17-May-17 23:01:09

Grapes and raisins can indeed be incredibly dangerous for dogs.

The difficulty with them is that unlike chocolate (which has a fairly predictable toxic dose) the amount which causes symptoms can vary hugely between individual dogs. Obviously some dogs eat grapes with no ill effects whatsoever but for others even a very small amount can cause acute kidney failure.

As the toxic amount can't be predicted (and it's not even known yet why they're are toxic to some dogs) it's really not a good idea to allow them grapes/raisins/sultanas/etc.

As far as chocolate goes there are various calculators available online which are useful for checking whether the ingested amount is likely to cause problems for that sized dog.

happygardening Wed 17-May-17 23:29:43

I suspect like many I don't "allow" my dog to eat chocolate or grapes he steals them, Im amazed how quickly he can swallow something he's not meant too! I'm actually quite strict about what I feed him and am slightly obsessed about his weight he's on the thin side of normal, I weigh out his dried dog food and the only treat I actually give him is the rind of the Parmesan. He has over the years amongst other things whist out walking eaten some rotting dead swan, a couple of mixy rabbits, a dead pheasant and a disgusting rotten fish, none of these have had any ill effects I don't think he's ever had D or V in his life. I always say he must have the constitution of a goat. Luckily he's never eaten not food items.
The cocoa powder was way of the recommended amount but again luckily it didn't do him any harm.

RebelandaStunner Wed 17-May-17 23:39:25

Glad he's ok.
My dog ate a mouse that he found flattened by a tractor and baked in the sun in the field behind us.
He is a hoover in the shape of a dog.

foofooyeah Wed 17-May-17 23:40:10

weasel that was so funny!

weaselwords Thu 18-May-17 07:03:23

My old dog used to eat the horse's hoof trimmings that the farrier dropped when he shod my horse. He thought they were yummy snacks. I thought they were giant toenails. This was when he wasn't eating the muck heap, of course. He thrived and had a glossy coat from this diet.

KoalaDownUnder Thu 18-May-17 07:13:22

Things my rescue greyhound x has eaten:

Heels off a pair of shoes
Corners of teak coffee table
250g block of butter
Tissue box

She is fine. confused

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