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Dog Breed DNA Test

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MyGirlDaisy Mon 15-May-17 17:29:50

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using a test to determine their dogs breed. Mum has a lurcher but is interested in finding out what exactly she is crossed with. I have been looking at the Wisdom tests and would love to hear from someone who has used one. Thanks.

CornflakeHomunculus Mon 15-May-17 18:11:13

They're notoriously inaccurate, people have done them on known mixes and got results that were completely wrong. They're ok for a bit of fun but I wouldn't put much stock in the results you get.

Most tests use US breed databases for comparisons as well so it's not uncommon for breeds to pop up in results for UK dogs which haven't been brought over here yet. It also means that a fair amount of pretty common European breeds are missing from their lists of potential matches.

I did a Wisdom Panel one for DDog2 as I managed to pick one up really cheap. Her results were believable to a degree but there were some really out there breeds on her results, including one which is very rare in the UK so highly unlikely to have been used for producing random mongrels.

In her case I think they got the vague type of dog right but the specific breeds wrong. Our best guess is that she's some mixture of terrier (most likely staffy and/or patterdale), BC and either whippet or greyhound. Her results came back with hounds, terriers and pastoral type breeds but highly unlikely ones.

You'd be better off posting a few pictures of her on the Lurcher Link forum, it's full of lurcher experts and they'll probably be able to give you a much more accurate idea of what cross she is.

MyGirlDaisy Mon 15-May-17 20:17:28

Thank you for the information and advice, that's really useful. I will let mum know, in fact will show her your response because the tests
are quite expensive and if it isn't going to be that precise I don't want her to waste her money. We think there is some saluki and maybe greyhound or whippet but perhaps something else too! Anyway thanks again, I really appreciate it and I will see if she wants to give lurcher link a go.

Rightpivotturn Tue 16-May-17 00:00:22

We also have a lurcher and we had her done earlier this year. It was £34, which I was happy about, and the results arrived quickly. Whole process took around a week end to end. She came back as greyhound/whippet/patterdale which seems entirely logical given her size and shape with a few dashes of exotica in the background. We used the Accumetrics one. smile

MyGirlDaisy Tue 16-May-17 14:21:11

Thanks for your reply and information too Rightpivotturn I will look in to the Accumetrics one too as £34 is more reaonable than £62 - haven't gone back to my mum yet but will show her both replies to help her decide what she wants to do.

Medeci Tue 16-May-17 15:39:17

I used the Wisdom test for my rescue mutt, said he was mostly Boxer/German Shepherd, with a bit of Doberman and a couple of unidentifiable mongrels in the mix.
His character really fits in with the three breeds and I thought the test was worth doing, cost around £35 about a year ago.

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