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Older dog in crate

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plumdriver Sat 13-May-17 19:44:45

I have a 12 year old Patterdale Terrier who has started wetting the floor when left alone. It started when he was attacked by another dog. He's never left for any longer than 2-3 hours so it's not that he's bursting for a wee and he doesn't do it overnight (sleeps in kitchen) He's been checked over by the vet and no issues there but it's starting to soak into the wooden floor and make a smell.

Does anyone have any advice if popping him in a crate when we go out would help stop it ? My friend has one for her puppy and she said they don't wee in them ? I never really liked the idea of them to be honest

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sat 13-May-17 19:48:45

If he's never been in a crate I certainly wouldn't start now he's 12.

Teabagtits Sat 13-May-17 19:56:06

I started crating my then 9year old bichon cross dog for separation anxiety that resulted in soiling the floor. It was a revelation and he happily trots in to his wee house whenever we're going out and sometimes just to get a sleep. We did get a huge crate though much bigger than he needs. First night he barked but by second night he was fine and has been now for two years

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 13-May-17 20:03:06

If he's been reliably house trained up until now then it's not necessarily going to be something that a crate will fix.

Whilst crates can discourage a dog to hold on until they're let out (because they want to avoid going where they sleep) they won't stop a dog who really needs to go NOW or one who is doing it as a result of being distressed/confused.

You really need to find out why he's doing it. What did the vet check for when you took him in?

It could just be that he's needing to go out more frequently now he's getting older, that's certainly not unusual. It could also be that the attack has knocked his confidence and he's become worried about being left. Is there any other evidence he's potentially unhappy when you go out? I'd be tempted to film him when you leave him to see exactly how he reacts. Is he behaving normally otherwise? Losing the hang of house training can be a sign of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction so that's something to look into as well.

plumdriver Sat 13-May-17 20:25:14

I thought he had lost a bit of confidence too as he was traumatised for a few days after it. He had a general health check at vets and x rays/scans if his lower body for something else and nothing came up in kidneys or bladder. He seems fine, no chewing or anything and sometimes when I come back he's still asleep which I just thought was him getting older.

I thought he might like a crate as he often goes into the kitchen to his bed to sleep even when we're in. I would get him a really big one. That's good to know about your Bichon

plumdriver Sat 13-May-17 20:27:07

Behaviour wise he's the same as ever. He just sleeps more and is very slow but he does have his moments of excitedness

plumdriver Sat 13-May-17 20:27:09

Behaviour wise he's the same as ever. He just sleeps more and is very slow but he does have his moments of excitedness

KarmaNoMore Sun 14-May-17 06:46:51

I trained mine to use puppy training nappies (they were 14&15 and had a crate since puppies).

Having a routine on when their food was served really helped. If you feed them at the same time each day they will be ready for the toilet always at the same time (normally 30-45 minutes after feed).

I would not get a massive crate as it is very likely for your dog to start soiling one side of it.

ANewsome Mon 15-May-17 01:24:33

Do you live by the dog that attacked him maybe he can hear the dog barking and then gets afraid and potties on the floor.

Maybe get a Camera so you could watch what he does during the day while you're away.

Get puppy pads put them in the spot he potties.

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