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Spayed bitch - Is this blood? (Picture in comments)

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ShortyShortLegs Fri 12-May-17 11:40:59

3 year old JRT cross Chihuahua has a rusty/blood coloured stain around her vulva. When I wash it off it looks like dried blood (she does have some pale ginger hair there too, second photo is after cleaning).

She is completely well, doesn't try and clean it herself, it doesn't smell, her skin does look a little pink, but that might just be from washing/dry blood or whatever irritating the skin. She does roll/rub herself generally on the floor, grass, against furniture etc., so at first I thought she must have scratched herself on something (no fleas).

She is a rescue dog, we've had her for a year now and I have noticed it three times now, just a small amount not on the furniture/her bed, etc. Our two male dogs (both neutered) don't seem to notice it.

I know she has definitely been spayed as we had to wait until after it was done to collect her and she still had her stitches in.

Any ideas what it could be please?

ShortyShortLegs Fri 12-May-17 11:42:11

Whoops! I meant to put the photos underneath shock

SparklingRaspberry Fri 12-May-17 13:52:49

I wouldn't say this is blood, no.
However it's much harder to tell over a photo than real life

If you're worried it's best to ask the vet. That'll put your mind at ease. But personally I'd say this wasn't blood

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