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My rescue dog stinks! Help!

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Truckingalong Thu 11-May-17 12:24:53

Border collie, 2 years old, had an appalling start in life. Came to me covered in fleas and scabs and has been successfully treated now, plus had a course of antibiotics for skin infection. All healing nicely - just some bald patches to grow back now She's had several baths but still absolutely stinks. When I smell her up close, she smells lovely but she just eminates a horrible doggy smell that is making the house smell doggy. We have wood floors, which I'm now hoovering and mopping twice a day but it's becoming the defining smell in the house. Her breath is fine too. Any suggestions?

SirVixofVixHall Thu 11-May-17 12:27:40

Diet? Stress? I would also give her a course of dog probiotics, your vet will have them. What food is she on?

BiteyShark Thu 11-May-17 12:27:54

How bad is it? If it is more than just doggy smell could it be from her bottom? Anal gland issues?

However, my spaniel smells of dog except for about the first two days after he has been to the groomer. I have just accepted its part of owning a doggrin

SwimmingInTheDeepBlueSea Thu 11-May-17 12:45:35

If all medical issues have been resolved or discounted, then try a different food.

My pup smelt very 'doggy' when I got him. He was on royal canin. After a couple of months I swapped him to AVA food and he smelt slot less doggy. He's on pooch and mutt now and doesn't smell at all doggy unless very wet.

SwimmingInTheDeepBlueSea Thu 11-May-17 12:46:18

*a lot less - not slot less obviously

Truckingalong Thu 11-May-17 12:48:15

I'm still finding a food she really likes. Changed her from the garbage she was on to Wainwrights kibble for now but am waiting on samples from Millie Wolfheart and I've just discovered the aldi hypoallergenic kibble too, which she seems to like. She's underweight, so needs to put a bit on. She is quite stressed but is gradually decompressing. It's not an anal gland issue - it's just that particular wet smelly dog smell (only she's not wet). Have always had dogs but she is by far the stinkiest! Will try the probiotics.

SparklingRaspberry Thu 11-May-17 13:32:11

Switching to raw will help massively.

SirVixofVixHall Thu 11-May-17 13:39:23

My dog isn't on a raw diet , but I have heard other people say that raw food helps with smell. (Although having smelt a pack of hounds, who reeked to the point of making me heave, I do wonder if that is true!!!)

CMOTDibbler Thu 11-May-17 13:55:19

Has she been bathed with Malaseb? It could be a yeast infection/colonisation problem

Truckingalong Thu 11-May-17 14:43:12

Don't think I've bathed her in malaseb. Only saying think as I'm not sure if it's in any of the shampoos I've used. Will have a Google.
I barely cook for myself, let alone a dog! I'd have to cook rice and meat every day and I'm not sure I'm quite THAT committed!!

louloulottie Thu 11-May-17 14:46:25

Huge respect to you for taking this poor doggy. Unfortunately I don't have any advice regarding the smell, but I just wanted to say that people like you make the world a lot better place. Hope you manage to sort it x

OneOfTheGrundys Thu 11-May-17 14:52:23

My bitches have always been smellier than my dogs! I second the malaseb. When she settles and trusts the stress will subside and perhaps the smell will too?

She's landed on her paws with you op... a lovely loved life ahead of her.

Notmyrealname85 Thu 11-May-17 14:53:03

Try the vet in case there's a serious underlying issue - as an amateur I'd guess diet smile and seconding loulou's statement - thank you for saving a dog's life star

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Thu 11-May-17 14:53:17

Wash her with ketchup. Or passatta. I kid you not. I bathed my mutt with ketchup last week after the stinker rolled in badger poo repeatedly. Worked a treat to remove the stench and she's lovely and shiny!

Rub it into dog. Leave to dry for 10 minutes then rinse off. I used white wine vinegar as a rinse, but probably a bad idea with a skin complaint - could be agony for your dog. Then she had a wash in shampoo and a good final rinse for good measure.

Floralnomad Thu 11-May-17 14:54:34

Raw is raw , no cooking involved . I feed Millie's and also pouches of Natures Menu , dog goes to the groomers twice in 5 weeks for a bath and I bath if he rolls in anything manky between grooms and I can honestly say he rarely smells . I have a friend with 2 labradors and her house reeks of dog , it's sometimes so bad you can't think about anything else , I'm assuming you become immune to it . Are the dogs ears ok as ears can stink .

Floralnomad Thu 11-May-17 14:57:30

Another thought - when my dog rolls in fox poo I shampoo him with Superdrug Tea tree and mint foaming facial wash , it's the only thing that gets rid of the smell and that includes fox poo shampoo and ketchup ( we've tried it all here)

Truckingalong Thu 11-May-17 16:05:11

I'm actually fostering her for the charity at the mo but she's stolen my heart and I don't think I'm going to be able to let her go. My heart breaks when I think what's happened to her in her short little life and whilst she has lots of issues, physically, emotionally and behaviourally, she's the most pleasant border collie I've ever had.

Her ears are fine.

Raw surely involves cooking a bit though right? Rice, for instance.

She's under the vet for a few things. Antibiotics are for skin infection but that's all cleared up now. She has some dry flakey skin that I've been putting nappy rash cream on and a few bald patches that need to grow.

My last dog was a male and he didn't smell at all but then neither did the previous females before him.

CMOTDibbler Thu 11-May-17 16:15:13

Malaseb is what the rescue I foster with use for dogs with skin problems, and it is apparently very good. Or you could try HibiScrub (you must dilute it before use) as that shifts yeast too but is less heavy duty.
Personally, I wouldn't fuss with her food too much so she can just settle down after undoubtedly not enough, and poor quality, food in her past. But add a dose of cod liver oil to her food and that seems to help their skin and hair, as well as lots of gentle grooming to shift all the old dead skin.

My foster goes on Sunday, bless her - I like moving them on to their forever homes and hearing about them. They fit in fast, but then theres always another one who needs to come into rescue

tabulahrasa Thu 11-May-17 16:16:39

"Raw surely involves cooking a bit though right? Rice, for instance."

No, Raw feeding is usually exactly that - raw food...

If her skin is still healing, it might be a bit smellier than normal, it'll take a while before it's all properly healthy.

picklemepopcorn Thu 11-May-17 16:25:25

Google about raw or join a raw Facebook page. Raw is raw meat. That's all. Not any old meat, you need to put a little thought into it. I feed my dog chicken, turkey, beef mince, pork, with kidney and liver, all in the appropriate quantities. I'd like to feed more variety but he turns his nose up at other fowl and rabbit.

Google and ask. Dogs do well on it.

SirVixofVixHall Thu 11-May-17 17:50:44

Tomato ketchup et al work well on fox poo because the acid breaks it down , but they aren't suitable for a smelly dog generally, as that is an internal issue, or a skin complaint issue. It could aggravate a skin issue so I wouldn't use it in this case.

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