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We would like to get a second dog.... top tips?

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Dickydory Sun 30-Apr-17 20:25:53

Dogs we had before were all pre-children and very much luck. i.e. saw an advert in a paper and went for it. Our current dog was a dumped poachers puppy who we took in, she is a saluki X and an absolutely lovely girl, was fabulous with the children when they were babies and continues to be superb as they grow up. She is now 8.
We would like to get a second dog and debating between a puppy and a rescue/ rehoming? The children are now 4 and 6 and relatively sensible with the dog, but like to cuddle/ love her.
I really would like a second dog, but think we have to be much more careful this time given the fact we already have a dog, life is relatively routine and the children. I would really like to go for a retriever X type.
What do others think - rescue or puppy? And breeding?

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Sun 30-Apr-17 20:27:26

Rescue another lurcher!!
Plenty around and maybe take yours with you to meet and greet some before you choose. .

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Apr-17 20:28:32

Retriever x?
Have you heard of black retriever x rescue? Could be just what you are after?
Think about budget, coping with two lots of training and also two dogs may not need the same level of exercise (eg pup). Can you give them their own separate space?

CMOTDibbler Sun 30-Apr-17 20:34:08

Rescue puppy? I'm currently fostering a lovely saluki x puppy grin.

Dickydory Sun 30-Apr-17 20:35:56

Oh wolfie just looked - what a lovely place

Dickydory Sun 30-Apr-17 20:38:16

I would consider a rescue puppy. smile
Here are my main concerns:
Buy a puppy - feels inappropriate when so many healthy dogs needing homes and encourages more breeding
Rescue a dog - concerned about training issues and socialisation with our children

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Apr-17 20:39:10

They foster dogs out so can give a realistic picture of what the dog needs. They offer support after adopting too.
CMOTDibbler is an expert fosterer. Go on CMOT. Post a pic!!!!! grin

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Apr-17 20:40:21

X post. If dog is in foster you will have a MUCH better picture of training issues and how it might suit your family.
Rescues do have pups too.

CMOTDibbler Sun 30-Apr-17 20:40:31

She's very lovely, good with my 10 year old ds (alas I don't have a stunt preschooler), cat safe, and 5 months old smile

Dickydory Sun 30-Apr-17 20:46:37

Oh she is beautiful.
I could definitely be convinced for another suluki. We have four bed house in a village, so plenty of room, and a big garden. We also have a smallholding (we hobby farm on a small scale so have 10 acres of grazing and 20 acres of woodland) - we spend a lot of time there so any dog would hopefully be trained to be off the lead here and be good around sheep.

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Apr-17 20:50:38

Oh my she's lovely!
I want acres! On the lookout for a field to hire just for giant pup! blush

CMOTDibbler Sun 30-Apr-17 20:55:31

I'm confident she will learn to recall - in 3 days she's learnt to come to the whistle from anywhere in the garden and is very food motivated which always helps! She didn't chase the chickens earlier when I forgot they were loose in the garden.
I haven't taken her to look at sheep, but I'd always recommend a stock safe course if they are going to be around sheep.

Wolfie - not an expert fosterer by any means yet!

Dickydory Sun 30-Apr-17 20:58:20

I'd come on here very determined that I was going to make good, considered decisions and not be led by heart..... so taking this all into account, and setting it aside for a moment or two wink - where abouts in the country are you ? We're in the south east

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Sun 30-Apr-17 21:05:03

I have a rescue girl here, she is from Spain and not had the best start in life.

It took a few weeks of patience to let her learn a little trust, treats, play, food etc she needed space and time to rest and sleep. 1 year on she is so happy and loyal, a joy to be around and to see how she is now compared to before is just amazing.

She is good with everything animal and human based although still jumpy with motorbikes, scooters and loud noises. She is fab with horses, cats, sheep, chickens, children, nervously accepts everyone apart from our lovely postman blush

If you have time to rehabilitate I would really recommend it.

CMOTDibbler Sun 30-Apr-17 21:07:18

grin the rescue is EGLR

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Apr-17 21:09:31

You are an expert! Wish I could borrow you for advice on giant girl. Think you're not a million miles away. (I may have stalked the Doghouse and dog related threads for many moons as I was desperate for a dog! blush)

CMOTDibbler Sun 30-Apr-17 21:43:33

I think you are down the M5 from me? If so, theres a new secure dog field at Tewkesbury you can hire

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Apr-17 21:53:57

Sorry to derail the thread. Sent you a PM CMOTDibbler
Wolfiepup says hi!

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