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Possible multiple mast cell tumours, any advice?

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WineAndTiramisu Thu 27-Apr-17 20:23:21

Took my northern Inuit dog to my vets yesterday as she'd had a couple of red lumps appear, seemingly overnight. He checked her over and found 3 more, that definitely weren't there when we did a tick check about 6 days before.

They're raised, red and have started weeping.

We think she's aged about 8-9 (rescue, so not 100% sure on age).

My vet was quite negative, said he thought they were mast cell tumours, and that she'd likely be palliative if they were. I've been frantically googling since, and the outcomes don't seem quite that bad, but I'm assuming it's because so many have come so quickly?

She's her normal self, eating well and as daft as ever. I've seen a few old threads on here, but none where so many have come up so quickly, I think I've just found another lump that wasn't there yesterday.

He did a smear onto a slide, which came back as unsure, and he did a needle biopsy, for which we should hopefully get the results back tomorrow, but wondering about anyone who has had similar in their dog?

abbey44 Fri 28-Apr-17 01:03:31

My last dog, a Weimaraner, had a mast cell tumour on her upper leg, but it was a more slow-growing one than you describe on your dog and only the one.

She had an operation to remove it, but because of where it was, they couldn't remove as much margin round it as they would have liked, so she had radiation therapy afterwards. She was 7 when it was diagnosed and treated, and went on to live a happy and active life for another six years.

I don't know whether the speed they appear has any effect on the outcome, but I would say don't give up hope and ask for a second opinion if necessary. My vet at the time was excellent, and referred me to a specialist animal cancer unit (I think it was in Essex) and the radiation was done at Cambridge Vet School. It wasn't cheap (and I didn't have insurance) but I felt it was worth it for and she did make a good recovery.

Good luck and best wishes to you and your dog flowers

WineAndTiramisu Fri 28-Apr-17 02:41:44

Thank you! I'm waiting to see what they say, I had a previous dog that had chemotherapy at Cambridge vet school, they were excellent I agree, but was for bowel rather than this

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