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Dachshund/Jack Russell cross breeders

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RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 26-Apr-17 11:23:37

Can anyone recommend a responsible breeder for a Dachshund/Jack Russell cross? I've looked online but can only find ones on Gumtree and Preloved and the last thing I want to do is go to a puppy farm breeder!

Any help would be much appreciated!

CornflakeHomunculus Wed 26-Apr-17 13:29:09

In short, the chances are you won't.

What is it about this particular cross that appeals to you? If it's the idea of a less exaggerated, more functional Dachshund there are some breeders of working Dachshunds/Teckels in the UK.

It's a shame really as, done properly, it could potentially be a pretty good outcross for the Dachshund. In reality though it's not a cross being done by people who want to reduce exaggeration in the Dachshund but by people either looking to cash in on the crossbreed trend or people breeding from their dogs because CUTE PUPPIES!!!!

MarcoPoloCX Wed 26-Apr-17 13:39:52

More voltage than a live wire.

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 26-Apr-17 14:20:26

Ha - I have a Weimaraner so the live wire aspect isn't a problem!

I really wanted to get the cross because so many pure bred Dachshunds have spinal problems and personally I prefer not to buy pure breeds of any sort for that reason (my Weim is a rescue).

The background is that this pup will be for my daughter. My SIL has a Dachshund/JR cross who is absolutely gorgeous and seemed such an excellent cross - my daughter adores her. Unfortunately that breeder won't have another litter so I can't get one from her.

Thanks so much anyway, appreciate your help.

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Apr-17 14:23:09

I agree with cornflake. The only "breeders" you will find is people after a quick buck who don't do necessary health tests. Backyard breeders or puppy farmers with no idea or care for welfare.
Just because you met one and it was lovely it doesn't mean another one would be.
For crosses (I grew up with one. Results of accidental breeding) research the very worst eg behaviour and health issues for both breeds. Can you cope with that?

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 26-Apr-17 14:31:16

Thanks Wolfiefan - yes the care and the lively (!) nature are not a problem. I have two other dogs (large ones) one of whom had quite extreme behavioural issues as she is a rescue. She's fine now - love, time and patience!

I do want to get a puppy this time as it will be dog my daughter grows up with and she has her heart set on one because she loves my SIL's dog so much.

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Apr-17 14:32:41

How old is DD? She needs to understand that this dog wouldn't be the same. TBH I wouldn't ever get a dog for a child. Too much work.
Would such a small dog work alongside your big ones? Thinking the spinal issue etc.

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 26-Apr-17 14:43:05

She's 8 and of course I know the cuddling and petting will come from her - whereas the walking and training will be my department!

You are right about the walks but my bigger two won't mind having a second shorter walk each day. They'll still get their long one in the day (I work from home). And then we can take all 3 out for a shorter one after school.

Do not worry that I would just hand over the puppy and say 'there you go' to her!!

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Apr-17 14:44:37

I didn't mean to suggest that you would at all!!!
The issue is that such a small pup would be really vulnerable with big dogs.
You won't find a responsible breeder.
Crosses aren't predictable. Who knows what traits will come from such breed?

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 26-Apr-17 14:46:32

You're so right - it's the reason I asked on here for recommendations. I certainly don't want to encourage the puppy farms to think there is a market for a new 'cute' breed!

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 26-Apr-17 14:48:36

Oh sorry, also to add, that we have plenty of small dogs in the wider family and my two are fine. They are not rough and tumble dogs and in fact are quite unnerved by my niece's Cavalier when she gets lively!!

fannydaggerz Wed 26-Apr-17 15:44:52

Miniature dachshunds are more prone to spinal problems, not the standards. That doesn't mean a standard won't have spinal issues, it's just more unlikely.

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Apr-17 15:46:51

I didn't know that fannydaggerz. Interesting! I'm new to this dog owning lark.

fannydaggerz Wed 26-Apr-17 17:13:34

There's a lot of dachshunds needing rehomed from Romania and there's a dachshund charity that looks for new homes for dachshunds in the U.K. Although the name has left me.

You could try dachshunds needing homes UK if you're on Facebook. They do fantastic work.

Please be aware that if you have a dach cross, or any cross for that matter, you could have a dog that ends up with the common problems of both breeds.

Dachshunds are very stubborn little buggers when they want to be. Research the breed if you're not familiar with them or their traits but if you're worried about spinal issues, a good quality lifetime insurance policy will cover that and a standard has less chance of spinal issues due to their size.

If you're buying a dachshund pup, ask the breeder for the parents PRA score as that will indicate the chances of blindness in the future. Any reputable breeder will provide this info for you. Always, always meet mum dachshund. Ask about papers, if the dogs are not registered, ask why and ask to see mums papers.

NoSquirrels Wed 26-Apr-17 22:38:58

Hum. I know a dach/JRT cross. I love him, but by god he is hard work (and poorly trained). He is extremely jumpy, like zebedee. It's crazy in fact, as his legs are so short. He is stubborn. He is very barky. He is extremely intelligent, but also quite frightened (probably related) which makes him loud (fearful) on walks, and protective. Hence he is usually under-exercised sad. Obviously the socialisation and training issues are down to the owner, but he's not "the perfect cross" I think they had in mind. He is also a cuddle bucket and very very charming, so I see the appeal, but you'd definitely want to go into it eyes open as it's a high-energy cross. He almost certainly came from a backstreet breeder/puppy farm front, I'm afraid sad.

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Thu 27-Apr-17 08:32:06

Thanks all - it does seem that you can only find this particular X on Preloved and Gumtree (worrying).

So this means a purebred Dachshund might be best in this instance. If anyone could recommend a breeder that would be fantastic. If not thanks so much for the help and comments!

BigGreenOlives Thu 27-Apr-17 08:37:37

What about a standard wire haired dachshund?

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Thu 27-Apr-17 08:41:58

I think they're gorgeous but DD does have her heart set on a smooth haired one plus with other cats and dogs around the place I have a lot of hoovering to do already - adding a wire hair into the mix could kill off my Dyson!!

Gingerbreadmam Thu 27-Apr-17 08:59:07

ive got a mini dachshund.

my dp is very very anxious about him and we have discussed spinal problems with the vet and they aren't as common as the internet seems to indicate.

I will warn you though they are notoriously hard to train and very strong willed. Ours marks everywhere the minute we leave him. They also like to destroy things, that's linked to their breed.

Also i would never fully trust ours around kids. He plays, licks, lets them harrass them but if out in public and one tried to stroke him he hates it gets defensive and snaps.

They are also very yappy. It is embarassing taking him anywhere as he barks at everything. Every other dachshund owner we have met laughs as they know this is a trait. Other people get annoyed.

All that being said he is massively loyal. Loves a cuddle as much as he lovea to play and has enhanced my life hugely!

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