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How far is too far to walk for a small dog?

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MovingtoParadise Wed 26-Apr-17 10:09:16

My young dog (9 months) and I are walking 12,000 steps a day (about 6-7 miles). It's necessary, we're walking to a station to go to work.

We only do it 3 days a week and I notice she's pretty tired on the days we don't, much more snoozing and relaxing.

She's a terrier with very short legs.

BiteyShark Wed 26-Apr-17 10:16:49

I do more than the recommended time of 5 mins per month until an adult but 99% is off lead so he doesn't have to keep up with me.

How long does that walk take? And when is your dog considered to be an adult?

Your dog might be just sleeping on the days you don't do the walking because there isn't anything else to do, e.g just chilling.

MovingtoParadise Wed 26-Apr-17 10:17:52

I've not heard of that calculation, oh dear it's about 2.5 hrs of walking

BiteyShark Wed 26-Apr-17 10:26:36

Mine is almost 7 months old and I do 40 mins (an hour max) of free running e.g. me walking through the forest and him running around me doing his thing. This means he can stop if he is too tired. This is way more than the recommended time but I am happy taking that risk as we have built up to it.

When he is an adult I will do way more than that hence asking when you dog is considered to be an adult in terms of growth as smaller dogs mature faster. My vet said about a year for my small cocker spaniel.

1nsanityscatching Wed 26-Apr-17 10:30:27

Eric is a little dog (poodle/shih tzu cross) and he walks about 5 miles (he's out about 3 and a half hours) every day and quite often more than that at the weekend and has done since he was an adult dog. He also spends time chasing his friends and fetching a ball on his walks besides. He is as fit as a fiddle and the vet confirms he is in great condition.
I think an adult terrier dog wouldn't have a problem with the amount of exercise your dog does but she's probably a bit young just now.

BiteyShark Wed 26-Apr-17 10:34:20

The general rule is there to help protect joints until they are fully grown. So at an adult then can do more because the growth has finished. The rule also tends to say free running in the garden is ok as they can stop but on the lead they may be forced to keep going beyond their capabilities. Saying that I didn't follow the rule that much ad took my lead from my dog on whether he was too tired. My dog also jumps about which is bad for their joints but other than wrapping him in cotton wool or only doing on lead walks I can't really control that.

Therefore whether it is too long depends on his age and also how long you have been doing it e.g. Have you built the dogs stamina and strength up.

1nsanityscatching Wed 26-Apr-17 10:45:24

Yes I think building up to it is key, we just gradually extended his walks.Even now we follow his lead grin so some days he chooses to come back on a short cut and on others he goes the long way round and throws in a detour if he's in that mood. He's a nuisance if he's bored so getting out and about keeps us both sane.

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