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I don't think we have long - how to have 'that' conversation?

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KeepCalm Mon 17-Apr-17 20:18:10

DH and I have been chatting this evening. We are both painfully aware that our lovely lady doesn't have long left with us. She is still eating/drinking but her mobility/hearing/eyesight is going and she's sleeping most of the time.

She is just short of 15yrs old, has never been a second's bother and is so loved by us all as well as everyone that knows her.

We are prepared to help her when the time is right BUT we aren't sure what is the best plan of action for the DC (13, 10 & 8)

They are aware that she is old and whilst not suffering is on medication and nearing the end of her time with us. DD2 in particular will be devastated.

DH has said he wants to be the one to decide when she goes if/when that decision arises. But how do we prepare the kids?

If anyone has any advice on how to make this the least traumatic as possible I'd be very grateful.

<welling up even asking>

Rallyaddict Mon 17-Apr-17 22:41:32

There are some decisions you can take in advance which make this easier at the time. Discuss with your DH about having DDog PTS at home rather than at the surgery - if at all possible, this can be a lovely, calm way to go, surrounded by loved ones.

Make a decision (after having a chat with your vet) about whether/if you want DC there. I wouldn't personally, but I know there are people who would, particularly for your eldest child.

Involve your DC in thinking how you would like to memorialise your dog - plant a shrub/plant/tree in the garden, a scrapbook of favourite pictures, a 3D frame with picture, collar etc.

Cremation or burial? Could consider burial in garden or cremation and these days many options for incorporating ashes into things like jewellery etc.

Shriek Tue 18-Apr-17 00:39:28

celebrate their amazing long life and spend precious time/indulgent specials foods for them from all the family, happiness in celebrating their life and realisation that its time to let them go.

Huge, and such sad decision, but its not often you get the opportunity to do this in such a planned way; i know it doesn't change how awful it is to have to say goodbye to dearly beloved friend and centre of family.
I would definitely opt for home PTS, so less worry on part of ddog.

agree definitely about sharing the decisions around cremation/burial/ or whatever you are able to manage. paw prints/fur clipping keepsakes.

Feel for you all at difficult time xx

BiteyShark Tue 18-Apr-17 05:54:35

OP I can't offer anything more over and above the good advice by pp's but just wanted to say I am sorry you are having to think about this flowers

KeepCalm Tue 18-Apr-17 07:01:40

Thanks everyone.

She'll def be at home surrounded by love but just myself and DH.

I remember how broken my mother was after she put our childhood dog to sleep and I know DH will be inconsolable so the DCs don't need to see that.

They are sadly familiar with loosing a very close loved one, both my parents are away, but I doubt this will make if any easier.

All your advice and kind words are gratefully received, thank you.

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