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Dog incontinence

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GinAndOnIt Mon 10-Apr-17 06:30:16

GinDog is coming up to five years old, and has always been a very healthy dog. He's a farm dog and out and about all day, so he does occasionally get a bit of a dodgy stomach when he's presumably eaten something nasty. He normally just gets a bit of diarrhoea or sickness, but nothing major.

Sometimes, if it's really wet or really cold, he stays home and can be a bit of a wimp about going outside for toileting, which normally results in him waking us up to be let out in the night because he's held it for too long. (He's kept downstairs overnight, but will scratch the door, or give a quick bark if he's really desperate)

Anyway, about a week ago, we came down in the morning to piles of dog sick everywhere. He then had diarrhoea for the rest of that day, and I did notice a drop or two of bright red blood in his poo later in the day, which I guessed was perhaps where his bottom was sore from going so often. He was absolutely fine the next day, so we decided to just keep an eye on him.

Now, this morning, I've woken up to piles of poo all over the kitchen. Not diarrhoea, just normal poo, but as far as we're aware, he didn't try to wake us up. He looked really sheepish this morning, the poor thing. I also noticed two little drops of blood again on the floor.

I don't think he completely lost control of his bowels, because the kitchen is split into two, and he's obviously got up from his bed in the one half, to go into the other half to poo.

Has anyone else's seemingly healthy dogs suddenly developed this sort of problem? I'm totally panicking about bowel cancer - can dogs even get this?!

Will call the vets when they open, but just looking for anyone else's experiences before I lose my mind. We had another dog to stay over the weekend, but other than that, his routine has been normal food wise etc. He hasn't been on the farm since Friday either, and I would have noticed if he'd eaten something rotten on our walks...

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