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Crate size for Labrador puppy?

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Partyfops Sat 08-Apr-17 21:31:16

We pick up a new puppy this week and will be crate training her. Until what age will she be in there? Any idea how big we need please?

I know it should not be too big as they need to learn not to toilet in there etc, but needs to be big enough for a growing dog.

LilCamper Sun 09-Apr-17 07:32:32

Lab owner here. Get one large enough for a fully grown Lab and partition it off with cardboard. You'll need to use it until you can trust your pup not to eat the house.

BiteyShark Sun 09-Apr-17 08:36:23

We have had the discussion about how long we expect to use a crate and to be honest it is so useful to be able to put them somewhere safe if needed that I can see us using ours for a few years even if only occasionally.

Partyfops Sun 09-Apr-17 08:58:14

Thank you, we are going to get a large one. We have an XL but it takes over the room a bit too much.

willdoitinaminute Tue 11-Apr-17 22:05:57

We started off with small crate ( £20 from Amazon ) which was fine up to 4 months then invested in decent sturdy car crate which doubles up if required when we are staying with family. Our lab was quick to house train and not very destructive. She had a little go at whittling the door frame but I discovered, accidentally, that she really doesn't like Vicks chest rub. So anything she started to show interest in we daubed a bit of rub on and she left it alone.
We always cover up the crate so it feels safe and it's draft free. Don't lock them in until they are really happy inside.
We are now 12 months in and I had forgotten just how challenging lab pups can be. We have had a fair bit of regression just recently. She had become quite calm and training was going well. It's back to basics again after Easter holidays, I suspect spending all day with DS who is just becoming a teenager is rubbing off, in fact it's back to basics with him too.

willdoitinaminute Tue 11-Apr-17 22:27:00

We stopped using crate in the kichen at around 4 months. We already had a dog flap which she used until she could go through the night without needing to go out. Just a couple of photos, they soon adapt to crate living.

Dementedswan Fri 14-Apr-17 13:03:54

My lab pup is 8 months now. We started off with a medium crate, then large and now had to get an extra large. Save your money and get extra large with partition.

NoNamesLeft86 Fri 14-Apr-17 14:45:52

I always say go for the biggest you can so pup has more space smile

WeAllHaveWings Fri 14-Apr-17 21:16:11

Our lab was pretty destructive until he was 18 months old, then one day he just stopped. We used a crate at night until 18 months for his safety (after he ate the sofa/carpet and skirting board). Ours was 42" and about the right size for him when fully grown.

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