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isupposeitsverynice Mon 03-Apr-17 21:07:31

I had a pity party on someone else's thread the other day, because our older dog lost the plot and went for the puppy. She went to the vets on Friday for tests and we were just waiting for the results back. My suspicion is that she has advanced cancer or a brain tumour or something similarly nasty.

Today I came home from an appointment and both dogs were waiting at the gate to greet me. Someone else's dog over the road was pottering about their driveway so I called DH to call the dogs back from the gate so I could drive in without them making a bid for freedom and the fascinating other dog. As he reached for the puppy's collar the older dog went for the puppy again. She went absolutely berserk. She looked like she was actually trying to kill him. DH managed to separate them but has been bitten very badly in the process so we had to go to A&E as well to get him stitched up. She's a loopy dog at the best of times, highly anxious and weirdly over bonded to DH - plus she is ten now, so I don't think it would be fair on her or a rescue to try to rehome her. If they'd even take her now she's caused quite serious damage to a person. DH no longer trusts her - he won't even leave her with me - they've gone to spend the night at his mothers and I think he plans to call the vet tomorrow to see when they can come out. He just keeps saying "I love her but I love the children more and they are fragile".

I'm so gutted. She came with DH (package deal!) and it's taken me a really long time to build a good bond with her. This last year has been appalling stressful and horrible for me and she has been my rock. I know she's a dog and that sounds stupid but it's true. She's such a beautiful dog, and she's always been so placid and lovely (despite being a total loon). I will post a picture of her in a moment from my phone, although it will totally out me, but she's so gorgeous I want to share her with you anyway.

I'm sorry this is just another pity party and probably a garbled and difficult to read one at that. I don't imagine anyone has any magic solutions but I don't even have DH here to cry on and I just needed to get it all out.

isupposeitsverynice Mon 03-Apr-17 21:15:11

Here she is. She loves to roll in fox poo - she doesn't enjoy having it cleaned off quite so much!

GinIsMySaviour Mon 03-Apr-17 21:29:47

Oh gosh what an awful situation for you.

I don't think I have any advice really but just wanted to say she looks gorgeous!

It's awful when they stop being themselves - especially if she has become a danger to the people she loves.

Like I said, i don't really have any advice but wanted to say I am sending you both hugs... and a big ear rub for the hound!



hahahaIdontgetit Mon 03-Apr-17 21:35:50

Oh she's beautiful. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. Your DH is making the right decisions, I know you know that, I'm sure you're devastated right now, but it's best for all involved, including your beautiful dog. flowers

isupposeitsverynice Mon 03-Apr-17 21:44:17

Thank you so much for admiring her and for your well wishes. Honestly she's such a loving dog, and she loves a proper cuddle as well, all squished up with you. I've never known a dog to cuddle like she does. I guess it's to make up for what a bugger she is the rest of the time! She's also the only dog I've ever known capable of opening not just doors but windows hmmgrin

I am a big advocate for it being kinder to let animals go sooner rather than later to save them suffering. I am convinced she has something dreadfully wrong with her to cause this sort of behaviour and I won't watch her undergo aggressive (and expensive) treatment at her age. It's not fair on her.

But it just hurts so much. My son is away on a school trip, he won't be back until Sunday sad

Floralnomad Mon 03-Apr-17 21:49:07

How long have you had the puppy ?

isupposeitsverynice Mon 03-Apr-17 21:52:41

Since September. She was a bit dubious at first, he was really taken with her and wanted to be by her side constantly and I think she found it a bit suffocating, but once he grew a bit she adored him.

Wolfiefan Mon 03-Apr-17 21:55:50

How soon will you get the results? Have you worked with a behaviourist?
She's gorgeous and I'm so sorry you are facing this. Hope DH heals fast.

isupposeitsverynice Mon 03-Apr-17 22:04:30

Blood tests came back showing nothing(!) on Saturday but we're still waiting for the results from the lump biopsy, and the vet said that none of these tests would rule out a brain tumour. With regards to the lump I have (perhaps stupidly) excessively googled and I don't have a good feeling about it - it grew very rapidly and went from soft to hard in that time as well.

We have not had a behaviourist involved no - we've never needed to, I mean she is a loon for DH, she hates to be apart from him to an unhealthy degree, but we manage that by not leaving her alone so she doesn't eat the house, and in the last year or so she's been very content in my company while he's out.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Mon 03-Apr-17 22:11:19

Sounds like she fears her place in the family is being threatened by the puppy. Red mist denied her the chance to calm down before dh was bitten unfortunately.

Unless it's something in the air as my rotty squared up to me today over a packet of tortillas. .
Sorry you are going through this. It's my worst nightmare too as ours can be crabby and I have always said if she does go for me I would have to pts. .
flowersand wine

isupposeitsverynice Mon 03-Apr-17 22:36:47

I probably should have said as well, she has been a bit off for a few weeks now - probably four or five I think? Just little things like, she's not been nearly as energetic as before, I caught her dry heaving a few times. We've been finding tiny puddles which we thought was the the puppy but then she did it at MILs last week when DH took her there, so there's that as well. There was something else as well but my mind's gone blank now. None of them in themselves were hugely alarming but then when you put them together - and of course the lump, which appeared a few weeks ago and escalated rapidly.

It took ages to separate them. I do think if he hadn't managed it she would have killed the puppy. I should say the puppy is an almost grown gsd so he's not a little dog, luckily he can hold his own, but she just would not stop, we shouted and whistled and threw water at them and she just ignored us and kept right on. You could see the puppy hearing us but being scared to stop defending himself. He doesn't seem hurt, just a bit sad and subdued after taking a battering from his best pal. I suppose I should get him checked over just to be on the safe side.

You do have to have a line don't you? And I do think she's unwell - I don't think we'd have long with her anyway but it's such a horrible way for things to end.

I think I might hit the wine actually - well it will have to be DH's whisky but I don't think he'll mind, in the circumstances. I've just realised it's half ten and I don't think I'm going to sleep well tonight.

BiteyShark Tue 04-Apr-17 07:25:27

isupposeitsverynice that sounds horrible for you all flowers

ShizerMinelli Tue 04-Apr-17 07:52:38

Absolute sympathies. We had a rescue French/old tyme bulldog, he was a big chap, but so loveable. Fiercely protective of everyone in the house, and never was a fan of other dogs after being abandoned with a pack of other dogs much bigger than him. Over the space of a week he went for DH (he also came with DH when we got together) , the post lady, and growled at DC. took him to the vets who he also went for (had been his vet for years) and vet agreed it was the kindest and safest thing to do. Didn't make it any less horrific. Sadly I have no words of wisdom, but thinking of you. flowers (must add that he'd also been off for weeks and his eye had swollen and he had an infection on his optic nerve that had irreparably damaged his brain - am sure there is a more technical explanation than this however)

littlemissM92 Tue 04-Apr-17 08:10:05

Would it not be an option to find a new home for the puppy instead? X

isupposeitsverynice Tue 04-Apr-17 10:17:54

Someone else has suggested rehoming the puppy. I'm not keen on the idea but tbh don't think it would help here anyway - dh still won't trust her and I think a few of our neighbours have small dogs, what if she got out and got hold of one of them? I'd really hate her to end up being PTS by police as a dangerous dog. She'd be so sad and alone. We're just waiting to hear from the vet. Dh has popped out for new bandages so pickle and I are having a cuddle and a cry in the kitchen.

Floralnomad Tue 04-Apr-17 17:51:04

Just because she bites the puppy doesn't mean she'd bite other dogs , also why would she 'get out' and there's no reason to believe she's a danger to humans , as your husband only got bitten because he intervened in a dog fight . That said she's your pet so your choice as to what to do .

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