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FFS two cut pads in a week!

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Noitsnotteatimeyet Mon 03-Apr-17 19:50:39

angry This morning ddog finished a course of antibiotics for a nasty infection after he cut one of his carpal pads. So he's had no running, jumping or (worst of all) no swimming for a week.

This morning he went for his first proper walk since last weekend - came home and we realised he was leaving spots of blood everywhere he walked... on inspection he's cut the main pad on one of his back paws - arrghh

We've cleaned it up, it's not bothering him and no signs of infection so we'll just keep an eye on it for now, but every time he goes out to the loo or someone comes home and he does his happy dance it opens up again so obviously no walks for a while confused

Given that's he's an extremely active, fizzy dog who's normally very well-behaved at home because he has about 2 and a half hours of charging about every day, the next week or so is not going to be fun ...

BiteyShark Mon 03-Apr-17 20:14:42

That sounds horrible. Do you have any idea how he keeps cutting himself? Just wondering if you need to avoid certain areas?

Noitsnotteatimeyet Tue 04-Apr-17 07:23:13

They're two different injuries in two different places with different causes so I think it's probably just one of those things... he does seem to be prone to pad cuts though, we have at least two or three each year (I'd just been thinking he'd been doing really well recently and we hadn't had any paw injuries for a whole too hmm)

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