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dog marks bed when alone - anything i can do?

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Gingerbreadmam Mon 03-Apr-17 11:36:19

Hi. I have a miniature dachshund, he is just over 18 months old and tbh we have always had an issue with him 'marking'.

To make life for us, we sectioned off the kitchen (open plan) so when he is left alone we can easily clean up if he does 'mark'. Sure enough he is still at it and pees on his bed everytime he is left alone.

I wash the bed regularly although it's a bit pointless as this is a daily occurence. I would love to resolve the issue if anyone has any advice?

At the moment he's left probably a maximum of two hours at a time but when i return to work it will be 3-4 hours.

We have spoken to the vet briefly but he couldnt advise anything other than a behaviourist and i've never looked into it enough to know whether they work or not.


pigsDOfly Mon 03-Apr-17 14:22:21

Sounds like separation anxiety to me.

Never used a behaviourist either so don't know much about them, but that would be what I'd be looking at. You need to ensure they're properly qualified: APBC, I think.

Sorry can't be more helpful.

BiteyShark Mon 03-Apr-17 14:30:15

Are you sure he isn't just going because he can still smell the previous pee in his bed and he does it when you are out because he can ( my dog would do lots of things he should not do if I wasn't in the same room )

Yes I would contact a behaviourist (or several to decide who to go to) in this situation.

Gingerbreadmam Mon 03-Apr-17 16:01:10

Pretty sure it's not the smell. It's never a full wee but enough to make a mark and smell.

Thanks, i will look into a behaviourist. That's helpful knowing who they should be registered with.

Thanks for your help.

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