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Baby & dogs

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AprilShowers177 Wed 29-Mar-17 18:01:53

I posted on here a few weeks ago just as we had our dogs back home after baby was born. I was very reluctant and didn't really want them back which was what my post was and understandably the reaction was to pull myself together..! Which I've done and it has gone well.

My question now is... the older dog (age 8) seems to be intimidating the younger dog (age 7) to the extent that the younger won't join us in the lounge and stays in the kitchen all day, she's also needing encouragement to eat. I'm trying not to favour either dog and both have been fine with the baby (obviously we use safe strategies of supervision, and staining them to keep at a distance, using stair gates etc). What do you think of this dynamic between the dogs?

TattyCat Wed 29-Mar-17 21:53:29

I don't have any advice but remember your original post. Well done for sticking with it!

AprilShowers177 Fri 31-Mar-17 08:40:06


usernoidea Fri 31-Mar-17 08:45:04

I remeber your op too so good on you for making it work! Plus congrats on your new arrival
I think my first port of call would be to go to vet to check why one of your dogs isn't keen to eat.....and whilst there your vet could give you some advice as to how to tackle this?
My vet was super helpful with how to get my dog and baby to mix although actually they're not that interested in each other but my dog does show signs of showing off to get more attention x

picklemepopcorn Fri 31-Mar-17 09:29:40

Well done, I'm glad you are managing the dogs home again.

You may need a behaviourist. One dog could be trying to guard the baby from the other dog. I'd be very careful about how you intervene because you could easily give the wrong message and make it worse. Get the vet to check for underlying conditions, and to advise. Behaviourist can sometimes be covered on insurance.

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