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Next question - pet insurance

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PetraDelphiki Tue 28-Mar-17 17:03:57

Any recommendations? Or ones to avoid?

Vegansnake Wed 29-Mar-17 20:16:27

Tesco were amazing.never quibbled paid up with in days.2 grand.i had the premium policy so just about everything was covered

EasyToEatTiger Wed 29-Mar-17 21:11:54

It depends on what you want. You should always have 3rd party insurance in case your dog causes an accident. This is usually pretty cheap but will cover, well, accidents but not health issues. Most insurance companies prefer that the dog is neutered - dogs running off if not and bitches getting pregnant. It is always at your cost to get your dog vaccinated and maintain flea and parasite treatment. We all love our animals but sadly we can't insure our love or commitment, and we can't insure against grief. I have had good experiences with Tesco, LV and MoreThan. Petplan is supposed to be reallly good. I can't afford it. It may be worth having a conversation with your vet about your dog and your circumstances as well as looking at the online options. All dog insurance rockets after about the age of 8, so while you may think your dog is in the prime of life and learning how to be sensible, insurance companies see death, decay and disease.

I suggest you start looking at the really basic and move from there.

AuntieMay Wed 29-Mar-17 21:19:13

We have pet plan, absolutely fantastic when our dog turned out to have hip dysplasia and needed 2 hip replacements at age 4 and 5! First was following a RTa which dislocated his better hip resulting in a vet bill ( local and specialist hospital) of £8000+
Second hip done 6 months later due to hip dysplasia alone.
Never had any quibbles, paid in full promptly with a text message system of where your claim is in the process. - usually paid out within 10 days.
The other point is the specialist hospital in Birmingham only accepted direct payments from 2 insurance companies of which petplan was 1 - ment we didn't have to find £5000 up front in emergency before they would treat - ( higher cost was because he had a heart issue under GA and needed ITU until his operation.

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