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Can you explain to me to best way to start raw

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ohdoadoodoo Fri 24-Mar-17 16:46:47

I have had my lovely boy for a month now (he came from a rescue) and I would like to start feeding him a raw diet (or at least partially).

At the moment a typical meal for him is a mixture of whole grain rice or pasta (for bulk), cooked carrots and peas, and cooked chicken, livers, or beef/pork mince, plus raw egg here and there.

I would like to start giving him the mince raw to save on cooking it and simply as there's no reason why he needs to have it cooked.

I would also like to start giving him raw chicken (mainly drumsticks) for his teeth and "bonus" treats for good recall etc.

What is the best way of switching him over?

Giving him a little over a week or so alongside the cooked stuff?

Thanks smile

Thewolfsjustapuppy Fri 24-Mar-17 18:54:53

It is a bit more complicated than you describe. I would suggest making the switch total rather than partial and stop feeding rice and pasta as soon as possible now there are fairly important ratios of muscle meat, offal, tripe and bone that really should be followed so that the dog gets the broadest spectrum of nutrients. Don't despair there are some very good companies that sell 'complete' raw meals so that all you have to do is defrost it and portion out the correct amount for your dog (nutrient and wolftucker are good starting feeds), start with one protein for a week or so (generally chicken is recommended) then progress to a more varied diet as your dog gets used to the food.
I feed my pup duck, turkey, chicken, lamb and veal all as complete meals I also give her chicken neck and wings and lamb back for her teeth, not all at the same time!
I lurked on a Facebook site called raw feeding uk for a lng time before I took the plunge, they have a great archive of files for research and they have a suppliers page as well.

Thewolfsjustapuppy Fri 24-Mar-17 18:55:54

That should be nutriment not nutrient

JustBeingJobless Sun 26-Mar-17 20:49:35

They should have an 80/10/10 mix - that's 80% muscle meat (anything you as a human would eat), 10% offal (5% liver then 5% other offal) and 10% edible bones (not weight bearing).

If you want to DIY then it's recommended that you start on just raw green tripe and then gradually introduce a new protein each week. Start with small, easily edible bones such as chicken wings are ideal to start with, and if you DIY you can adjust the ratios if you find they aren't suiting your dog (if they are doing runny poos you may need slightly more bone etc). Alternatively there's plenty of 80/10/10 complete minces available - would recommend the dogs butcher and paleo ridge. You can also get boneless minces which are ideal to feed on days when you've already given them "proper" bones to eat as makes sure they don't get too much bone.

I did a lot of research and fedraw for a while but unfortunately my bitch just didn't take to it at all and wouldn't physically eat enough to maintain weight picky bugger so we're now on a part raw-part dry/wet diet, but I am going to attempt again at getting her back on fully raw.

GlitterRollerSkate Sun 26-Mar-17 20:52:43

Barf UK on facebook is a brilliant raw group. They have a starters guide and are all really helpful

FuckTheFuckityOff Sun 26-Mar-17 20:54:49

I'm sure I heard that you can't feed raw mince from the fridge, it has to be frozen or cooked.
Also, I don't give my dogs chicken drumsticks as it's a weight bearing bone and can be too hard for their teeth. I'd stick to chicken wings, necks, carcasses, etc.

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