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When living in the city, where does your dog go for a quick wee?

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Mamabear12 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:05:38

When I grew up, we lived in a house with lots of land and grass, so we could easily let the dog out for a quick wee in the front or the back of the property and not have to go on a long walk. But what do dog owners living in london do? Do you just let your dog go out and pee on the side walk in front of your house? We have a back yard, but there is no grass and we have young children, so I don't think I want the dog peeing in the back yard bc the kids play there and run around etc. We live near a big dog park so obviously i would take the dog there during the day. But a bit too far at night and locked up anyway. Please let me know what you do if you live in the city. We have a house at least, so its a little easier then having an apartment. But I am curious, what do people do when living in an apartment as well late at night.

allfurcoatnoknickers Mon 27-Mar-17 14:45:52

Sidewalk. Or in the gutter between cars if the road isn't busy. I live in Manhattan and we just take the dogs for a quick trip around the block at around 10:30 P.M. and the that's it until the morning.

At the moment we live in a second floor flat, but previously we lived on the 19th floor with a lift and the dogs were always fine. As long as you're consistent, they learn routines pretty quickly.

Veterinari Mon 27-Mar-17 14:47:12

Flat but have a garden

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